What color shoes to wear with royal blue dress?

Sometimes, when we put on a dress of a single color, we are faced with the question of what we should combine it with, is not it? It is the case of the beautiful and striking blue dresses whether royal, king, marine … all of them can generate the concern of not knowing what compliments are those that are better with blue. It does not turn out to be any problem. Here, we’ll tell you what color shoes to wear with royal blue dress.

What color shoes to wear with royal blue dress?

Blue is one of the most used colors this season but clearly has never left the catwalk, sometimes lighter, sometimes darker, but always blue. And it is a beautiful tone that radiates a lot of strength, but at the same time, it is very elegant.

What color shoes to wear with royal blue dress

Luckily, there are many colors that complement it perfectly, and if we look at different tonalities we would find many more.

The shoes are one of the compliments that we must first combine with our blue dress. Maybe depending on the shade of blue (royal, marine, king, etc.) a shoe color or another is better, but in broad strokes, you can wear blue dresses with nude or leather shoes, black, gold or silver. In the latter cases, they are not too bright and flashy. Visit this content forĀ modern russian clothing.

White Shoe

White shoe

The white contrasts perfectly with blue, and in summer brings a lot of light and tranquility. It encourages the look, especially we talk about a dress that ranges from a medium to dark blue. Maximize the attire by combining the royal blue tone, so trendy with white.

Basic shoe

Basic shoe

For more serious and formal looks, or wherever you want the attention to be only for the dress, then bet on the basic black or nude tones. We have already said that they are the shoes that should not be missing in your wardrobe, and that is that you will not find a garment that you can not match with these tones.

Nude shoe

nude shoe

The nude or skin color is one of the colors that best combine with royal blue dresses. With a pair of shoes of this color, you will get the costume to stand out even more and be the only and authentic protagonist of your outfit.

Black shoe

Black shoe

Another good option to combine royal blue dress will be black shoes since you will get a spectacular result thanks to the contrast between both colors. Do not choose footwear with ornaments, but rather a simple pair of shoes with which you will be able to stylize your legs and that you will surely take advantage of on many other occasions.

Silver Shoe

Silver Shoe

A royal blue dress will also look great with silver shoes, as they will bring a unique shine. But you should also try not to be excessively bright or wear ornaments because then you will get the opposite effect. The best bet will be the softest silver tones, that approach the gray.

Golden Shoe

golden shoe with royal blue

Although some opinions say that golden shoes are not the best recommendation for royal blue dresses, if they are chosen correctly they can be perfect. In the same way as with the silver color, if we choose the gold color, it will be necessary to look for a suitable tone so that it does not contrast too much and the result is disastrous.

Combination of blue shoe

You can wear a total monochromatic look since blue is one of the few colors that remain perfectly mixing their different tones. You can combine a darker dress with clearer and electric shoes, or a lighter or medium dress with darker shoes, depending on what you want to highlight.

On many occasions, we fall in love with clothes of strident colors. Afterward, we do not know what accessories to put it on. This is the case of the dresses of royal blue color since the election of the footwear, and the rest of the complements will determine the success or failure of the model.

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