How to wear saree to look much beautiful? Step by step guideline

Do you know how to wear saree? The saree is the garment most used by women in South-Asia and other countries of the Indian subcontinent such as Nepal. Saree is a piece of seamless fabric of about five meters that is usually rolled over the petticoats, while the edge passes over the shoulder leaving the belly exposed in an elegant way. In addition, many Western women take advantage of their trips to the Indian subcontinent to get a saree and wear it. For example, during special dinners in their hotels.

how to wear saree

The sarees are a very personal garment and we will hardly find two of them. There are as many shapes, ornaments, and colors as there are ways to put them on. The sarees do not have sizes and are adjusted according to the height and volume of each woman. The way of dressing a sari in India depends on the state, the caste, the religion to which one belongs or the occasion. It can be used both to work and to attend a special celebration, changing the color and texture of the Fabric that can be silk or cotton. Try this 10 fashion elements every girl needs in her wardrobe in autumn.

How to wear saree

how to wear saree

The saree is divided into four parts: the undergarment or female undergarment (petticoat), the blouse that is usually short-sleeved and low cut (choli), the fabric (sari) and the decorated part (pallu). Wearing a saree for the first time can be difficult, but you just have to follow five simple steps: Keep reading

  1. We will choose a choli that is well adjusted to the body and the shoes that we will wear. Because it will be important to determine the length we are going to use. If the saree is transparent we will put a long petticoat on the floor and place the cloth around the waist.
  2. We will introduce the fabric of the saree in the skirt to the height of the navel and we will give a return to the fabric following the sense of the clockwise keeping the lower part of the saree. So that, it touches the ground. We must make sure that the pallu is visible.
  3. Create several folds to the left side. So that, the excess fabric is in front of the navel, usually made between seven and ten folds of a few centimeters each.
  4. Introduce the folds at the waist so that they open to the left side as if it were a fan.
  5. We will pass the excess fabric over the left shoulder and prevent it from falling we will place a safety pin or a pin.


By reading the guide on how to wear saree, you can wear saree from now. This South-Asian dress is now using all over the world. Buy a saree and follow our guideline. After doing that, look in the mirror. Beautiful! You may also read:

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