Red nails: the new basic to complete your look

Definitely, red nails will never go out of style. They are a classic and the best of all is that they combine perfectly with the make-up or style of clothing that we can think of to wear. Throughout this year is the tone that will be imposed. So don’t miss our post.

Red nails with flowers:

What is being used the most are red nails with different designs in the manicure. For example, if you draw some beautiful flowers in white and yellow colors, they will look incredible and they will look novel.

Glitter nails:

Adding some sparkles to our red nail manicure is a very good idea. For this, we only have to paint a base of intense red color and then add pebbles or brilliants as details. These are ideal to wear for a party look.

Bright red nails:

In order for your red nails to really shine and stand out in everyday life, not just at a party, you have to choose a brighter polish and leave them a little longer.

Short red nails:

With the increasingly long routines that we have in our daily lives. It is more than necessary to wear short nails, more than anything for comfort. So we recommend wearing them short and with the square shape that is the top trend these days. If the red pints will look much more stylish.

Gradient red nails:

Another trend that is already being seen this year is to wear classic red enameled nails but mixed with another similar tone. This will produce its own degradation on the nail with a very nice effect.

To finish we tell you that this year they also wear red nails a lot in the pedicure. The idea is to apply the classic or apple red, which is the most versatile when combining with a manicure. Ideal to wear them using your favorite sandals, for example in marriage.

We must always remember that hands are an excellent letter of introduction when meeting new people, going to a work meeting or romantic dinner … Anyway, if you have them well cared for and hydrated they will always get a good comment, do not neglect them!

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