Do Your Headlight Bulbs Keep Burning Out?

Headlight bulbs are essential components for safe driving. If your bulbs keep burning out, there may be an issue with the installation of your headlights or the type of bulb you use. Find out how to replace headlight bulb, how to care for them and where to turn for an affordable replacement bulb.

How Long Are Headlight Bulbs Meant To Last?

There are three common types of headlight bulbs: Halogen, LED and HID. Halogen bulbs are the most common and typically last between 450 and 1,000 hours of use. For most drivers, this means about five years. LED and HID bulbs last much longer.

If your headlights burn out faster than normal, check your owner’s manual or a local auto parts store to determine whether you’re using the right size of bulb. Ask about aftermarket car parts and bulbs that can reduce this and other maintenance steps. Once you pick up the right replacement bulbs for your vehicle, follow these steps to replace your headlights.

Find a well-lit area to park your vehicle. Consult your owner’s manual for the location and access point of your headlight bulb. Most vehicles require you to remove the headlight holder from behind your headlight assembly.

Open the hood of your vehicle, locate the headlight holder and remove the wiring connector. Your old headlight will either pull straight out or require a few screws or bolts to be removed before you can remove it. Avoid touching your new headlight bulb with your bare hands, as the oils on your skin can damage it. Carefully insert the new bulb, replace the wiring harness and check to see that it’s securely in place. Turn on your headlights and check the beam alignment before driving in low-light situations.

How To Care For Headlight Bulbs

Frequent light bulb burnouts may be caused by a loose headlight assembly. Headlights can be damaged by impacts and severe vibrations, so be sure your new headlight is firmly in place. Look for any headlight holders and test them to ensure they are all still securely holding your new bulb.

Another common headlight maintenance routine is cleaning your headlights. Over time, both the light bulb and headlight cover can become dirty or cloudy. This affects your car’s safety as you drive at night, so it’s important to keep them clean.

Pick up a headlight cleaning kit at your local auto parts store for severe fog on your headlights. Your kit should include a cleaning solution, cloth or sponge and full instructions on restoring your headlight covers. You can carefully wipe down a headlight bulb with a soft cloth, but take care not to introduce more oils and debris by handling it with your bare hands.

Once you’ve replaced or cleaned your headlight bulbs, it’s time to go for a test drive. Shop for replacement headlight bulbs online or at your nearest auto parts store to find affordable options that match your make, model and vehicle. Shop confidently when you search by vehicle and prepare for this simple auto maintenance task in the comfort of your garage or driveway.

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