How to Combine White Boots for Women

We began to see them in ankle boots, with a thin heel and a cowboy style, and this winter in boots below the knee and wide heels, a very sixties style. If you were reluctant to use the white color in footwear, we offer you some ideas, which will surely inspire you and you will go running to buy some! Because that cliché is left behind that they are tacky.

White boots are the new must of street style!

Combine with jeans

The best way to wear your white boots every day is with your favorite jeans, Play with the thousand possible combinations! With your blazers, raincoats, or choose a total denim look with a shirt or denim jacket, a mostly urban and comfortable look, always with the touch of your white boots, to give it that fashionable and not boring air that some basics need.

With vinyl pants leggings

We are fans of vinyl leggings because the stereotypes that they were a garment of chronic or women of the street also remained behind.

The garments are garments and it is obvious that they can be worn in the most elegant way without falling into vulgarity. Put them on with white boots, you can add a touch of color, with a coat or puffy jacket in a striking color, yellow, blue, red, purple, play with your imagination, and dare!

Combine with sweatshirts

Another way to combine white boots is with a maxi sweater or sweatshirt, don’t tell me it’s not the most! Ideal for when you are in a hurry and do not know what to wear, a super recurring style, as well as comfortable. You can play with the color of the jersey, but our favorite is in light tones and nudes, without a doubt the color of the season.

Total look White

Like an angel fallen from heaven, take the risk of dressing all in white, including your feet: with a white dress and coat, with a denim dress and a white denim jacket, or with pants, that is if you put the bag of the color you want to give point to styling and with high boots or white ankle boots.

Choose which one is your favorite and hit the streets!

Match with dresses

The ideal thing about white ankle boots and boots is that you can wear them in summer, and they will go perfectly with your most summery dresses.

Look at Kendall Jenner, a regular at wearing ankle boots with plain and patterned dresses, and she’s a combi, with which you’ll be sure! Put on a biker, or a cowgirl on top, and you will have your favorite look for summer days, both for vermouth in the sun, or to go out to party!

Combine white boots with black

When you think about combining white boots, the color black comes to mind, well, yes, obviously, but another sure hit.

With a leatherette dress, like the actress from Game of Thrones Sophie Turner, and high white boots you will be radiant for any outing or party.

For daily looks take a look at the first photo, biker, band t-shirt, hat, fur stole, and white ankle boots, without a doubt the perfect outfit, for any moment,

It couldn’t be more ideal!

Combine with a long dressWhite Boots

Another option for your most spring days, put on your white boots with your favorite long dress, play with plain colors and prints, any option will go wonderfully, and the good thing is that they go with everything.

They are eating ground, the basic black ankle boots, since the white ones, in summer are luxurious with summer colors, and in the winter, they give the point to the soberest colors.

long red dress woman with white boots white ankle boots woman with orange dress long brown dress with white boots woman

Black and white

White boots, black skirt or pants, and a white T-shirt or sweatshirt is another winning combo, look at the Victoria’s Secret Model – Alessandra Ambrosio with the white sweatshirt and boots and black pants, great for running errands in style.

We also love it combined with a black and white striped sweater, another basic that will get you out of many, and you will use it often!

Tap red

We love these combinations! Especially the one with a red skirt with a white shirt and white ankle boots.

Try adding a touch of red with your white boots or ankle boots, either with red pants, or vice versa with a sweater or shirt, if you also add some pants or a snake skirt, you will have a look like the one in the second photo.

Red, black and white, they will also suit you wonderfully.

Combine white boots and a tracksuit

If you heard correctly! The tracksuit and heels were unthinkable, and our eyes bled thinking about it, but fashion is changing, and our way of seeing and understanding it, too.

This is a style that you either love or hate, we personally love it, we recognize that it is risky, and you have to have a style to wear and combine it, but if you want to feel like a real diva, we offer you a lighter version.

You can try only with the pants, choosing some plush baggy in black or beige, white boots, and a knitted T-shirt or crop top in the same color as the pants, and to finish a cute bag.

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