Gold Bracelets You Can Give to Your Man

Gifting accessories is often a form of showing your affection to the ones you love dearly. Some might be intimidated trying to give accessories to a male loved one, but it’s not a problem since jewelers make accessories for men. Bracelets are a good example. They’re easy to wear, noticeable, and can be easily gifted. Gold is a good color for it, as it symbolizes extravagance and wealth and is also associated with love and compassion.

Whether it’s gifting for someone who’s family, a friend, or even a significant other, it’s not difficult to look for a gold bracelet if you know where to go. Popular brands are your easy-to-go option for this, especially if you have a flexible budget. The following are some brands and their gold bracelet models that you can give as a gift to your special man.


Versace is a luxury brand specializing in fashion, including clothing, jewelry, bags, and other related products. It is based in Italy and has about 1500 wholesalers and boutiques worldwide, so you don’t have to worry about it is not easy to look for. What’s more, you can also order it online either through their website or through another online shop where the brand is also being sold.

Gold Bracelets

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Two models of the gold bracelet are popular and highly recommended by Versace: Medusa and Greca. Medusa holds a special place in the Versace family, as it was a part of their childhood. This is now the logo of their brand, as they hope for their clients to fall in love with their products.

The infamous Greek icon’s head is often the centerpiece of its several men’s bracelets. You can get a leather bracelet, with the gold medusa head on a leather band with different colors like black and purple, either with studs or not. You can also get a fully gold chain bracelet with the Medusa logo in the center if you want that full-on bling.

Greca is another Versace product that encompasses jewelry and other types of fashion material such as clothing. It also has the most expensive clothing the company sells, which is a one-shoulder mini dress. Greca has a leather bracelet with several varying designs and black leather, a gold chain bracelet, and a bangle bracelet available in gold and silver if you prefer another color.

Tom Wood

Tom Wood is another fashion brand that focuses on functional, classic contemporary styles for men and women. This lifestyle brand was founded in 2013 by Mona Jensen and is based in Oslo, Norway. Jewelry was the first line of products to be sold, with their signature style being the signet ring, and then sold clothing as time passed by, with a particular interest in denim. The brand’s products are sold in different big retailers worldwide, and you can even order from them online for your convenience.

If you want a gold plated bracelet for your loved one, Tom Wood has many of these. Fortunately, all their bracelets are unisex, which means you will not have any problem looking if this product appeals to male or female customers. Their main colors are gold and silver and come in many forms and shapes. The types of available bracelets they often have are chains, cuffs, and bangles.

Chain bracelet or a wrist chain is the most populous type of bracelet available as of writing.. This is attributed to the many styles and sizes it has available. Examples of these types are cable chains, curb chains, and figaro chains. They mainly vary in color, either gold or silver, and in size, where they can be long and thick or small and thin. There aren’t many cuffs and bangles, but they are certainly available to purchase. The color might vary, too, since some gold bracelets are more expensive than their silver counterparts.

Alexander McQueen

Based in London, United Kingdom, Alexander McQueen is yet another big luxury fashion brand. It was founded in 1992 and is named after the designer who led the brand. McQueen used to be a designer for Givenchy, another designer brand, before making his.

His works ended up becoming successful that he was awarded British Designer of the Year four times, and also was one of the youngest ones to do so. He was also appointed Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire.

Most of McQueen’s men’s bracelets have a skull motif to it. The most common types of bracelets available are chains, cuffs, leather, and beaded bracelets. Typical colors for the bracelets are metallic ones, gold, and silver, but you can also find different colors like blue, red, and black, especially on leather bracelets. If you want a bracelet with not just a gold color, these colored leather bracelets are an option, with the gold being the skull centerpiece or studs.

To sum it up

There are many jewelry brands you can check out. The bigger your budget, the more options you can give. But no matter what you give your special man, what matters the most is your appreciation for the relationship you have made over the years. There are more ways of expressing your love and gratitude than giving material gifts.

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