Wearing tight clothing can put your health at risk

Physical therapists warn that continued use of tight clothing can have negative health consequences. A first indication that we have problems is to see marks on the skin.

The continued use of tight clothing can have consequences for our health

The Professional Association of Physiotherapists of the Community (CPFC) warns of the consequences of the abusive use of tight clothing. Specifically, the general secretary of the CPFC points out that “each of us has our own style to choose the clothes that best suit us, and that it is not a question of dominating a fashion style but of showing that a continued use of tight clothing Can have consequences for our health. “

Wearing tight clothing
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How can we avoid it?

For physiotherapists, a first indication that we have problems is to see marks on the skin. And is that the excessive use of this type of clothing can bring circulatory problems like swellings or venous returns that can favor the appearance of varicose veins or cellulite.

On the other hand, we must also pay attention to the height at which we fasten the pants or skirt. In this sense, the secretary general of the CPFC also highlights that wearing tight clothing limits the free movement of the hip and lumbar spine. This can cause pain in the area and in the long term can cause discomfort in other parts of the body.

To make matters worse, we also recall that in the thoracic zone, tight clothing can cause respiratory problems by hindering the physiological movement of coastal expansion and avoid proper diaphragmatic living. In this way, it is advised to wear a correct size bra, since an incorrect size can cause problems in the backbone and make breathing difficult. A poorly regulated bra strap can trigger points that cause pain in the shoulder, compression, and in the head.

Wearing tight clothing
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tight clothing can hinder proper digestion by favoring gastric reflux with a feeling of acidity. The improper use of clothing can cause a decrease in blood circulation that causes an increase in eye strain and tension in the neck muscles.

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