African braids are trendy and glamorous. Making them takes a long time and it is necessary to take care of the hair so as not to damage it. Making them at home is possible but it is useful to get help from a friend. Here are some tips for not ruining your hair after braiding it.

The African braids, braids or boxes, are greatly appreciated by young women. These allow you to show off a glamorous, practical, sophisticated, and jaunty look, to be adapted to beautiful and elegant hairstyles to show every day or in special events.

Usually, the afro braids are made by African girls but, nothing prevents you from trying to create this type of hairstyle even at home.

For an optimal result, do it yourself, it is advisable to ask a friend for help and be aware that it could take many hours to complete all the hair. It all depends on the length of your hair and your dexterity. Patience is therefore one of the keywords to not regret it halfway through the work.

This type of braid is not suitable for all hair types or all lengths. So let’s see how to make them, how to manage them, but above all some tips to avoid damaging your hair.


The first step in making African braids is to wash your hair thoroughly and use a conditioner. In this way, the hair will be well hydrated and easy to detangle. Dry them well.

Divide the hair into sections using a wide-toothed comb. It is advisable to divide the hair into 4 parts and fix them with pliers.

Choose a section and divide it into many small locks that are all the same. From each of them, you will have to get a braid. It will be necessary to pay attention that they are all the same size to obtain an elegant and refined effect.

It is advisable to start from the lowest section and then climb to the top. In this way, there will be no interference during the processing of the new braids.

Each braid will need to start at the root of the hair and extend the entire length of the hair. Once each braid is completed, it will need to be tied with a small elastic.


If your hair is not long enough, but you want to have African braids on your head, you can use extensions.

To apply them, you need to join the extension strand to the natural strand, fixing it so that you can create small strands that will then need to be intertwined. As on natural hair, also, in this case, the hair must be divided into sections.


The processing of African braids is very long since the locks to work on will be many. The result and the fact of being able to show them off for a long time will pay off for the time taken. Usually, however, it is not necessary to keep them for more than 1 month because the hair would be irreparably damaged, it would lose vitality and strength.

This type of hairstyle is suitable for women who have strong and thick hair, while care must be taken or avoided if the hair is thin and weak. The braids, in fact, especially if very small, suffocate the hair.

It is important to avoid making braids that are too tight so as not to stress the hair and risk breaking it. These, however, must not be too wide either because there is a risk that they will melt before time.

During the night, the braids should be tied with a low ponytail or gathered into a folard to avoid ruining the braid.

To wash the hair, care must be taken not to damage the braids while using the shampoo and conditioner. More attention will have to be given during drying. Before proceeding with the hairdryer, it is advisable to pat the hair and braids with a towel. At this point, you can proceed with the hairdryer activated with a not too strong jet of air.

Another factor to take into consideration is that braids do not let dead hair fall out, so when you melt them you will notice the presence of an excessive amount of hair on the hands and on the comb. The hair will need special care to regain strength and vitality.


African braids can be made on the entire hair but also only on one side. The technique, in the latter case, is that of the side braid.

With these braids, you can create special hairstyles, buns, and very elegant ponytails when combined with hair accessories. Hair clips and jewels can embellish the hairstyle and obtain a truly amazing final effect.

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