How to iron clothes fast and perfectly like a pro?

The iron is one of those evils that we all fight against. Is there someone who likes to iron? How to iron clothes fast?  The reality is that 99% of the population, pulling low, does not like it. But there are tricks, and a few, to iron less or, at least, you can iron faster. Prepare with pen and paper because of this interests you.

How to iron clothes fast and perfectly?

How to iron clothes fast

Ironing is a very simple process, although it can be a bit difficult if you have never done it before. To iron clothes, you will have to classify them in advance according to the materials with which they are made. This is because different fabrics require different ironing techniques.

1. Centrifuge to the minimum

If you do not mind that it takes longer to dry, put the centrifuge to the minimum RPM. The clothes wrinkle much less. I have not measured if it consumes more or less, honestly. If someone knows the data, leave it in the comments.

2. Tend with care, you will appreciate it

If you take your time to stretch, stretching the clothes well and placing them in the best possible way, you will save many wrinkles. Well-Laid clothes are semi-flat clothes.

3. The shirts, put them on a hanger

If you do not like to tend, surely what you wear the most are the shirts. To minimize wrinkles, tend the denim shirts on a hanger, ideally a shirt per hanger.

The result will surprise you. Many times, especially in winter that are usually worn under sweaters, you will not need or iron them.

iron clothes

4. Discard clothing as soon as it is dry

This is the most difficult thing to achieve, especially if you live in very hot areas. It is essential to pick up the clothes just at the time they dry.

The longer you leave it after it has dried, but it will stay. It’s what I call the stiff effect. If you spend too much time in the sun, your clothes get stiffer, and new wrinkles are created.

5. Double according to your preferences

Save time. Put a tray next to the line and bend as you go distending. There is nothing worse than to discard everything and throw it in a basin. Well, there is something worse, throw it on the couch.

If you go doubling at the time you target and, also, you do it just when it is dry; you will not need to iron 80% of your clothes. Also, what you have left will have fewer wrinkles.

If you already want the highest note, save the clothes immediately after folding it and forget about everything.

6. Put your folded clothes in the iron basket

Surely, even after all this, you have some clothes left for ironing. Well, the last of my advice is that, when you put the pants, polo shirts or shirts to the basket, the goals are well folded.

With the own weight that the clothes exert when placing it one on top of another or all together in the basket. It will be ironed alone. Do you not believe me? Try it and tell me.

shirt on hanger

The shirts hang them on hangers while waiting for the iron.

Cheer up

I hope these six tricks reduce your workload with the iron a little bit and make your life a little easier. If you join them with good planning, you will have a lot of livestock. Remember that we already talked about it in Plan the laundry, the folding and the iron.

Never leave the iron for a long time on a part of a garment. Always look at the iron. Negligence could cause a serious injury or damage property. Surely you also have some trick that works, right? Tell me in the comments.

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