Bridal makeup :Six makeup tips for brides

Bridal makeup is undoubtedly one of the key points for you to look spectacular on your wedding day. In addition to radiating happiness, good bridal makeup will also help you take advantage of your features by highlighting them to the fullest; We are also very clear that knowing how to put on makeup or which professional makeup artists entrust your beauty look to you is not an easy thing, so if at this moment you have doubts and do not know how to choose your wedding makeup, continue reading because below we will tell you some tips infallible so that, once and for all, you can choose how you will look on one of the most important days of your life and get the best wedding makeup in 6 easy steps.

Prepare your complexion

The mistake of many brides is not having taken care of their skin before the big day, thinking that makeup will work miracles. If the bride has skin problems, such as acne, dermatitis, or sensitive skin, it is best to consult a dermatologist as soon as possible for the appropriate treatment. But also, even if the bride does not have problematic skin, it is recommended that a couple of months before she undergoes facial cleansing and peeling treatments to prepare the complexion.

Perform makeup tests

Whether you are going to do your makeup, or if a professional is going to do it, it is recommended that you carry out a couple of tests before the wedding day. In this way, you can try different types of makeup and see if you like the result. It is especially advisable when it is a professional who does your makeup, as it may not meet your expectations.

Hydrate your skin hours before

If you start moisturizing your face just before you start putting on makeup, the foundation will set worse to the skin and the finish of the face will not be desirable. We recommend that on the morning of the wedding you apply a moisturizing mask that you have already tried on some occasion (take advantage of this moment to relax!). Then, an hour before starting your makeup, you can apply your usual foundation moisturizer.

Makeup with natural light

It is very important that on your wedding day you wear natural-looking makeup. This does not mean that you have to put on makeup “little”, but rather that the makeup must be well done so that in daylight it is not artificial. The best thing is to do your makeup with natural light that hits your face head-on. You will get a more natural and flattering finish.

Set your makeupbridal makeup

The “primer” or primers for the face and eyes will be the great allies of your makeup on the day of the wedding. They will allow you to extend the duration of your makeup in a day in which the tears and kisses of your family and friends will put your makeup base and your eyeshadows to the test. Also, use a makeup fixer as a final touch to seal the finish. Ten essential products in bridal makeup

Find your style

Even if you want to surprise and be more beautiful than ever on your wedding day, try to find makeup that matches the looks you usually wear. If you use makeup a lot, that day you will probably look strange if you wear makeup that is too natural. And vice versa: if you barely wear makeup in your day-to-day, the wedding day is not the ideal to try with intense smoky eyes. Above all, if you are undecided, seek the advice of a professional and do tests.

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