Do you know how to store winter clothes?

Avoid moisture damaging your coats, bedding or carpets, ventilating the places where you will store them. Summer is ending, and it is time to put all the pieces of winter until further notice. Dressup for winter with the latest style. And we not only talk about clothes but also blankets, quilts and even carpets that are too hot at this time of year. Let’s discover how to store winter clothes.

How to store winter clothes

how to store winter clothes

Before starting this task, it is necessary to take some precautions to ensure that your garments will remain in optimal condition and ready for when the temperature decreases again.

– Wash the bedding and clothes before storing them. So that, the dirt does not get impregnated and leave stains that you will not be able to remove later.

– Put the coats in plastic liners so that the fabric does not get stained, and put them hanging. So, they do not wrinkle.

– Before storing a carpet, it removes accumulated dirt. Spend a rotating brush vacuum on both sides with slow movements and maximum power. Once clean, place it rolled up in a cloth or plastic bag to protect it from dust.

– To prevent moisture from damaging your clothes, ventilate the cabinets on a weekly basis.

9 Special tips:

Special tips

The winter is just beginning for us, so probably all of them are taking out their warmer clothes and keeping those of summer until a few months more. However, this information that we are going to tell you next can be very useful for when it’s your turn to leave winter clothes behind. We’re getting ahead of ourselves for a few months. Now that you are doing the work of dusting your warm clothes. You may notice that you may have made some faults in your storage, and to prevent this from happening again next year, we leave you here 9 tips that will help you save the way correct your winter clothes!

Tip # 1: First, wash everything

The best and most effective advice is to wash all the clothes before storing them. Moths and insects are attracted by any everyday smells like perfumes, food, deodorant, smoke, etc., even if these aromas are almost imperceptible to you.

Tip # 2: Remove all the plastic from your clothes

Never store your clothes in the plastic bag that comes from the dry cleaner. The plastic traps moisture, which can cause damage to the fibers and therefore a yellowing of the fabric may appear.

Tip # 3: Invest in plastic containers

Those vacuum bags that sell on TV may seem attractive. In reality, experts warn that its use is not recommended since the garments are stored under vacuum, and this technique dries the tissues which can damage them. Clothes need to breathe, so plastic boxes are a good alternative to store items that are not delicate such as jeans, wool or polyester sweaters, or shirts. Make sure you do not keep things too tight to maximize airflow.

Tip # 4: Keep the delicate things apart

For delicate items like silk, organza or cashmere, or anything that is special to you, remove the plastic and wrap them in acid-free tissue paper or instead, 100% cotton storage bags.

Do not hang sweaters

Tip # 5: Do not hang sweaters

If you have a closet to store your clothes, resist the temptation to hang sweaters, as they could be deformed in an important way and without the possibility of fixing them. Instead, opt for plastic boxes or cloth bags, leaving the heavier garments at the bottom. Remember that you should not keep them too tight, since the air should circulate, if you do not run the risk of mold forming between the tissues.

Tip # 6: Neither do most coats

Believe it or not, the storage of coats is much more efficient when each piece is folded carefully instead of hanging, considering that the coats are made of wool, leather, synthetic leather or down. First of all make sure you take out everything in your pockets and fasten the buttons, clasps or clasps and then fold it gently. From this, stack them comfortably in boxes or cloth bags, this will help to preserve the natural shape of the coat.

Tip # 7: Commit yourself to keep the storage place

The store of clothes should be fresh, clean, dry and dark. Avoid a humid place, too hot, too bright or too dusty.

keep the storage place

Tip # 8: Invest in boot lasts

The last thing is for your leather or suede boots to deform or wrinkle when stored in the corner of your closet during the summer. The boot lasts, especially for the taller models, is the perfect alternative to keep them perfect even without using them for long periods. Although it is always better to keep the boot upright position, space can be a factor that prevents, so you can use plastic containers to store them, but worry that they always have the last.

Tip # 9: Store the shoes with tissue paper

If your winter shoes are not long boots, but rather booties, moccasins, etc. always worry about keeping them with tissue paper inside, this will help them keep their shape while they are stored in a box. Make sure you clean them first.

Take into account the mentioned recommendations on how to store winter clothes. Take an attempt before renewing your closet due to the change of season.

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