How much does it cost to ship a wedding dress?

If you are looking to see how much a wedding dress is going to cost there are a number of things that could have an impact on the cost of shipping it.

  • The size of the wedding dress shipping box
  • Delivery location
  • Transit times until delivery
  • Ability to track the package
  • The reason you are shipping a wedding dress
  • Whether you need the package picked up or wish to drop it off

All of these factors will impact the best shipping price you can get, if you are sending an international package the cost and transit time will be higher than shipping within the same country.

The larger the wedding dress shipping box, the more protection it will have during its journey to delivery, especially if you prepare it as we recommend in our packaging guidelines. Larger boxes however take up more space so the cost may be higher when you search for a quote via our shipping calculator.

Remember to be precise when adding your package details to our shipping calculator, as couriers often calculate the shipping costs based on dimensional weight.

Where can I deliver my wedding dress?

By booking using Monkey Parcel’s shipping marketplace, you can send a wedding dress package to destinations around the world, from almost anywhere. We now offer cross-border deliveries using a wide range of courier services, which come with full door-to-door tracking.

We offer a range of services for you to have a package collected from your home or work address or if that’s easier why not try one of our delivery and shipping services? Simply order through our website, as you would through the FedEx Shipping Calculator for example, and then take your package to your nearest drop-off location. Find your nearest drop-off point in the booking process, print shipping labels and customs documents if necessary, and drop them off. We’ve helped brides ship dresses to events using timed Express services to make sure they arrive on time, while also helping people who are selling on eBay or on an online marketplace like Tradesy or Facebook using a cheaper messaging service.

We offer package tracking so if you sell online, you can keep an eye on the progress of packages until delivery, plus you can provide the tracking number for the recipient if you book Standard Economy or International Express Carriers.

Can I add protection coverage to my shipment?

If you are selling a wedding dress on an auction website like eBay or directly from a seamstress, then you would need a cost-effective way to get it delivered to the buyer. International parcel delivery prices can be expensive, so we offer a quick and easy solution to find the best ones for you, Parcel Monkey’s global shipping marketplace.

We help many clients with domestic shipping as well, sometimes using the cheapest ground services saving on cost.

We all know how stressful selling items online can be, with the worry that something is going to go wrong: either the item will be damaged or the recipient may say they never received it. However, we aim to provide a solution for this by offering fully tracked package delivery services at a good price, with the option to add protection cover in the booking process.

Some services we offer come with free protection coverage up to a certain value, but also allow you to add additional amounts if needed.

Next day delivery couriers

We strongly recommend not shipping a wedding dress as late as the day before if it is for a wedding, but if you are selling one online or shipping in advance of the ceremony date or even for a fitting, we can transport the goods via our next-day services.

Next-day services are mainly available within the same country and you can even select those that arrive in time for the next morning, such as 9 am, 10:30 am, early evening, or just the next day. business day, such as Standard Overnight, Express Plus, and much more.

We can offer fast parcel delivery to international destinations as well as in Europe between Canada and the US for example, customers can enjoy overnight delivery.

Our international express services to and from countries around the world are getting more and more popular as they can be booked for a low price, plus in the world of e-commerce, the buyer may want the goods sooner.

More information

It’s never a good idea to leave it late, book it for delivery as soon as you can and keep the recipient up to date by giving them the Parcel Monkey tracking number and they can use our tracking tool to track the dress until it arrives.

Make sure you understand the compensation levels you have, how long you have to make a claim, what your responsibilities and those of your clients are, and what level of protection you can cover. Wedding dresses are, of course, sentimental and you should therefore make sure to plan ahead for your shipment and perhaps consider adding our additional protection coverage during the booking process.

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