Do you suspect that your TV aerial is faulty?

TV aerials or television antennas are most commonly of the grouped or wideband variety. They are found on the roofs of homes across the UK and work with a television receiver so that homes receive a signal for over-the-air broadcasting and programmes.
TV aerials have been a feature of modern-day homes for around the last 80 years. Any aerial that is over ten years old may need to be replaced, although lifespans may be decreased further in coastal towns with high exposure to the elements.

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Signs of faults

Poor-quality sound when watching programmes can indicate that you have an aerial fault.

Problems with picture quality, such as pixelation, blurring and hazy images, can also indicate a problem.

Freezing, buffering and blank screen issues may also be caused by poor signal and aerial malfunction.

Noticing signs of outward damage to your aerial, particularly if it has been in place for a long time, can indicate that you may need a repair or replacement. Aerials can become damaged due to adverse weather conditions and birds.

Exposed cables and wiring may be a sign that an aerial has become damaged by the elements or even rodents, resulting in loss of function.

Old, out-of-date aerials may need replacing, as they become susceptible to signal loss and poor reception over the course of time.

Aerial repair services

TV aerials are quick and easy to fix or replace by experienced professionals, should your television viewing become interrupted. Ensure you choose a reputable and experienced engineer who is fully qualified to carry out work. An engineer will be able to assess and diagnose the issue, with most professional services offering no-obligation site surveys, free quotes, and same-day repairs. For TV aerial repair Tewkesbury and the surrounding areas, contact a specialist such as

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Whilst an initial observation of the fittings can help to establish whether you require an aerial repair, any remedial work should always be carried out by a fully insured engineer who can ensure the work is carried out safely.

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