26 beauty secrets that only the hottest women know!

Do you know those perennially flawless looking women? Curated, glamorous, sophisticated? They are always pleasant and chic, they have an intoxicating scent, an enviable look. They leave their signature wherever they go. And don’t try to guess their age!

Porcelain-skinned women. How do they do it? Read on to steal the beauty secrets of these female models we all want to look like!

26 beauty secrets of women

1. Use silk pillowcases for sleeping. Less inexpensive than the more common cotton ones, they minimize hair breakage and the formation of “night wrinkles” due to the creases caused by the rougher fabric. The softness of the silk will ensure that your face does not scratch during sleep.

2. Sleep 8 hours a night, it is the most effective remedy for bags and dark circles!

3. Start your day with an antioxidant-rich smoothie. To make your skin glow on the outside, the best way is to properly nourish it from the inside!

4. Take a few minutes to exfoliate your whole body during your morning showers, don’t forget the elimination of unwanted hair and hair washing at least every 2 days.

5. To perfume like the sophisticated divas of the 50s, hydrate your body with fragrances based on lavender or lemon; in France, this is considered the pinnacle of elegance.

6. Use a sunscreen of at least SPF 50 daily throughout the year. The fight against the signs of aging must always be constant and active, not only in summer!

7. Don’t forget to floss in your dental care!

8. Use a whitening toothpaste ( not aggressive, pay attention to the ingredients! ). A dazzling smile is one of the first weapons of seduction a woman possesses.

9. Take care of your eyebrows! Don’t leave untidy and thick cluttered tufts above your eyes. The eyebrows frame the entire face, defining it. They might seem insignificant details, far from it!

beauty secrets

10. Did you go overboard with the little pizzas or did Mother Nature give you thin, sparse eyebrows? Take advantage of our make up friend! Fill them, draw them; taking care to obtain the most natural result possible.

11. Consider investing money in permanent or semi-permanent facial hair removal using laser or electrolysis… Goodbye unwanted hair!

12. Use the primer under your makeup; there is nothing elegant about a “smudged” face.

13. Don’t forget the toner in your beauty routine after cleansing; prepares the face to better accommodate the active ingredients of the creams applied later.

14. Your locker must not miss specific creams for the day, for the night, and for the eye area. Three different products, with different characteristics.

15. Learn the real difference between make-up-not make-up and dose the application of your foundation, to have an impeccable but natural look.

16. Curl your lashes before applying mascara. Bambi rules!

17. Differentiate the day look from the evening one; neutral and delicate tones for the first, brighter, and more intriguing colors for the evening.

18. The perfect glam woman uses the brush to apply lipstick and outlines the contours of the lips with the pencil. He knows how to apply the right amount of product so as not to have smudges. Her look remains intact even after drinking water, wine, and coffee!

19. Drink at least eight glasses of water a day, possibly seasoned with a lemon wedge and a couple of cucumber slices. All obviously consumed in an elegant eco-friendly bottle!

20. Don’t have time for the hairdresser? Learn how to manage your hair in the shortest possible time, so that you only have to wake up 10 minutes earlier to have an enviable look.

21. Learn to use hair spray and fixing spray correctly. Use dry shampoo spray to give your hair new shine every day, even when it’s not just washed.

22. Don’t forget your hands. They say they are the truth-tellers of a woman’s age. Use cuticle oil, constantly moisturize them with a good nourishing cream and let your nails shine with shiny and refined nail polishes.

23. Leave your signature wherever you go, choosing an ultra-glam fragrance to wear… Don’t overdo it!

24. In your handbag you should never miss the beauty emergency kit containing a mirror, lipstick, absorbent tissues, and a moisturizer in spray ( face mist ) for the skin.

25. No matter how tired you are at the end of the day, always remove your make-up before bed!

26. Don’t give up on a relaxing bath enriched with a handful of coarse salt to relax your muscles, a super relaxing spa-candle, and a face mask suitable for your skin type.

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