10 tips to dress with style in summer

As it seems that this summer goes from “heat wave” to “heat wave”, I thought that it could be interesting to make a post with advice about how to face these days without losing a bit of style in summer. And it is that, let us be disappointed, when the heat is squeezing, to get to an appointment keeping your composure is not an easy task. And even less, return home preserving a certain dignity. I do not promise you to look like the girls in Sex and the City in the middle of the desert, but perhaps some of these recommendations will help you to face the day with greater comfort.


style in summer

1. Dress in natural fibers and comfortable clothes

Forget about synthetic fibers and low-quality materials. Now more than ever dresses made with natural fibers (and be able to be organic) such as cotton, silk, linen, hemp or, my favorite, the tencel, from the wood pulp of eucalyptus trees and with an ability to style in summer and warm in winter. Although artificial, other fibers that I usually use at this time of the year to go fresh and elegant are the viscose and the modal. Continue reading: How to wear saree to look much beautiful? Step by step guideline

My favorite clothes when the heat is tight are the strapless dresses, the shorts and, for those days when my legs show some unwanted hair, loose pants. All this perfectly take you to work, to a date with friends or a night party.

The boys, throw in Chinese, shorts and shirts and cool shirts. And, please, tell your boss that wearing a suit in summer is one of the least elegant things in the world. And there is nothing worse than coming to a meeting and seeing you perspire everywhere because in your company the suit (and tie!) Are mandatory.

One last tip if you have to spend many hours away from home: take a spare shirt. There are days when you will appreciate it very much.

2. Sandals and espadrilles

style in summer

In the same way we have done with the body, these days our feet need freedom of movement and noble materials such as skin or, more sustainable and total trend, esparto or jute. And it’s as much for men as for women, what this summer takes in all the shapes and colors are the espadrilles . Seize it!

3. The hair, as Garcon

The first thing I did with the arrival of this wave of uninterrupted heat is to ask for an appointment to the hair to give a good review of my hair: having the neck clear is one of the best pleasures of summer. In addition, short hair becomes a perfect ally to enjoy the beach and the pool without living with the fear of “how will my hair get when it dries? Naturally, it is more ecological (we spend less water and soap) and you avoid the ravages of chlorine, salt and sun. Still, if you do not want to give up your mane, I think it’s much smarter to wear it in an improvised bun to leave it loose to the wind and that the strands stay hooked to your back … or to that of your companions of seat in the bus.

4. Cosmetics and beauty

I do not know if you’ve seen that the other day I published on Instagram a picture of Le Pure, a natural cosmetics brand that I discovered thanks to Monica de Moves To Slow and that has me totally in love. In the post that MTS wrote on his blog you will find super-detailed information, but only tell you that using the day cream and the cream-night mask a couple of days I have noticed results are amazing: skin fresher, nothing greasy and I dare say that something more reaffirmed. Ideal for hot days but, I guess, also for winter. A must, it’s clear.

style in summer

As for the make-up , I do not know if you’ll agree with me, but these days what you least want is to cover your face. The only thing I allow myself is the BB creme tea tree from The Body Shop, special for oily skin and with imperfections like mine. I know that it is not very echo that we say, but for the moment I have not found anything similar in conscious version. And, of course, my eye pencil from Logona, which I’m able to wear even to go to the beach. You have to see how one gets used to seeing oneself in a way … and it’s that it costs me horrors to go out without painting my eyes.

5. Sunglasses

In addition to essentials for these days, they are the perfect complement to add a touch of glamor to any look. But, above all, that they are of good quality and protect you completely. Think that as beautiful as a pair of glasses, if they do not protect your eyes, they will not serve you at all or, worse, they can even harm you.

6. The bag

In summer I have everything left over, even the bag! These days I am using organic cotton tote bags, a super-practical complement to take my workbook, the tablet and even to be able to make a purchase back home without needing to get a bag. Another bag that is great for me and gives me the same utilities is the typical esparto carrycot to go to the beach.

7. Pedal instead of walking

style in summer

Many people tell me that if I am crazy to ride a bike in summer, but I guess it is the people who have not tried to travel with this medium transport when the heat tightens, and that is ideal. Going by bicycle is much less tired than walking (or going up and down stairs to get the subway), super refreshing when you get a shady and / or downhill journey and, in addition, it keeps you in shape. Naturally, there is no greener transportation method.

8. The world of fans

I love the fan concept . I think it is a super glamorous complement and, of course, essential when the heat tightens. In addition, it is much greener than a fan or air conditioner 😉 Do you know any brand of eco fans?

9. Refresh in any place

Another must for me these days is the rosewater spray. As I already told you in my beauty rituals, I use rosewater “bulk” of the Creative Redoma I put in a spray bottle and travel always with me in my purse. It is a perfect place to freshen up at any time of day ally, without affecting the makeup and adding an extra dose of test body odor. Ideal for endless days.

style in summer

10. Healthy eating

The last point in this decalogue about how to maintain the style in summer refers to food and is that no matter how we dress in natural clothes and refreshing accessories if we do not take care of our food, none of the above is for nothing. Take advantage of these days to get hold of fresh fruits, salads, and liters of water. Your body and your skin will thank you.

Mireia and Judit or what is the same, Lemon’s Secrets, will keep you updated to feed you in the most healthy style. I’m hooked. What do you think of these recommendations? Do you dare to add some to look great / this summer despite this stifling heat? Tell me your secrets style in summer! You may also like: http://dress24h.com/20-style-tips-for-curvy-women/

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