Fashionable clothes: Does beauty and smartness require sacrifice?

Sometimes in the pursuit of modern fashion clothes, we dress in things that bring enormous harm to the body. Today, clothes have long been no one.  But modern things and accessories sometimes harm not less.

There were times when women without clothes from home – not a foot! The most “steep” and expensive belts than were those that were made from a whalebone. They were also the toughest – so tightened ribs that it became difficult not only to speak. It was often that the girls lost consciousness right in the middle of the ball.


beauty and smartness

“Tubes”, “slips” and so on. All these tight jeans with a low waistline pack the body (especially the pelvic area) into a tight box, which causes several problems at once.

First, they disrupt the superficial microcirculation of blood and lymph.

Secondly, they prevent the pelvic bones from developing properly.

And besides, the belt of such trousers often presses on the abdomen, disrupting the blood supply of internal organs.

TIGHTENING SKIRTbeauty and smartness

A girl with hairpins and a pencil skirt is, of course, beautiful. But in large volumes (that is, every day) is harmful. Meanwhile, the constant pressure on the internal organs of the small pelvis and its bones can very badly affect the state of female health.

In addition to fashionable clothes, as it turned out, miniskirts in winter can cause … cellulite. When the legs freeze, the body for protective purposes quickly builds up a layer of fat, while the blood circulation slows down and “orange peel” forms.

STRINGS AND TROUSERS-TANGSbeauty and smartness

Recent research scientists have shown that the thong can cause inflammation of the bladder. And also there is a risk of bacterial or fungal infection. There are several reasons for this:

  • From friction, the pH balance of microflora in the genital area varies.
  • The strip of thongs when walking moves, and so bacteria from the rectum are eventually transferred to the vagina.
  • With constant friction there is irritation, and it is near and before the inflammation.

As you can see, from such laundry more harm than good. It is better to give up thong at all. Or at least wear them on “solemn” occasions and only those that are made of cotton, rather than synthetics.

INCORRECT BRAbeauty and smartness

There is such a rule: the closer, the more harmful (for the body). When the bra strongly compresses the breast, the tissues of the mammary glands and lymph nodes suffer.

The most harmful bras include all sorts of “push-ups” with pushing effect and bras without strapless – most of their shape is arranged so that the weight of the chest in them goes to the sides, and this is a direct pressure on the lymph nodes.

Busts with bones – also not from the category of useful, try to wear these as rarely as possible.

SHORT WINTER CURTAINSbeauty and smartness

But this is a direct way to different inflammatory processes in the female body: it is easy to pick up inflammation of the kidneys, ovaries, even the heart. And some doctors persistently defend the view that the fat deposits on the hips, abdomen and lower back are a protective reaction of the body from hypothermia. So, the more often you go about walking around in frosts, the more weight you have!

WRONG FABRICSbeauty and smartness

Clothing and underwear from synthetics, of course, most of them are more beautiful than cotton. But he will give a hundred points forward in the matter of benefit to the body.

It is known that some synthetic tissues do not “breathe”, violate physiological heat transfer and can cause diaper rash with allergic reactions. And the body in them is constantly sweating. But it is known that a moist warm environment is ideal for bacteria.

Therefore, it is better to wear underwear made of natural materials – cotton and silk, which are well “ventilated”.

And always change the wet swimsuit to dry after each bath, because the wet promotes rapid cooling and, accordingly, the inflammatory processes of the limbs. Wear fashionable clothes and be smart.

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