How to Combine a Purple Skirt

The skirt is very feminine, suitable for all occasions, whether formal or not. This skirt is a real cure-all, it lends itself well to so many outfits that you never tire of wearing it. This especially if it is of classic or neutral color, for example black, white or beige. But what if it were purple? This is notoriously a particular color, not combinable with anything. Have you fallen in love with a purple skirt and hesitate to buy it because you fear the difficulties of matching it? Well, you are in the right place: here we will give you some ideas on how to combine a purple skirt. You will be spoiled for choice!

How to combine a purple skirt?

You will need:

  • Purple skirt
  • Black accessories
  • Jacket or denim shirt
  • Yellow accessories
  • Red accessories
  • Redshirt
  • Silver shirt
  • Yellow top or shirt

How to combine a purple skirt

Matching with Denim

The simplest and most immediate combination that we propose is the one with denim, or denim fabric, which, however, is absolutely timeless. Denim color is perfect with any shade of purple, so you won’t have to worry about it. For example, you could wear a denim shirt, or a top or a purple shirt with a denim jacket on it. The top or shirt can also be white. As for the shoes, these too can be denim-colored or, if you want to give a whimsical touch to everything, use a red pair and accessories of the same color.

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Matching with yellow

Yellow is another color that goes very well with purple, especially if both are of a strong shade. So even in this case a top or a shirt of this color will create a unique effect. As for shoes and accessories, this time, it is better to opt for a color that does not spoil everything, making this outfit definable as an eyesore. This means that black shoes and accessories are the most suitable ones.

Matching with red

Red? Does it seem an unusual choice and of doubtful taste? Absolutely not: red and purple are perfect together. Certainly, as for the previous advice, it is a choice for those who are not afraid of being noticed. In this case, your skirt will be combined with a red shirt or shirt. The accessories may also be red or purple. You will see what a show!

Matching with silver

Dark or deep purple is wonderful when combined with bright colors, for example, silver. The final effect with the latter, in fact, is very sophisticated and also has a touch of sensuality. So, the ideal would be a silver shirt or top on the purple skirt. The accessories, also, in this case, can be silver or purple.

Pairing with viola

Finally, we propose the most complicated combination, namely purple with purple. We call it the most complicated of all because of the accessories: it is not always easy to find shoes and bags of this color. In any case, this is a really good match. One tip: do not combine a light purple garment with a dark violet one. Rather, look for similar shades of purple, especially if light and delicate. If you wear light purple clothes, the shoes and the bag can be dark purple.

Do not opt ​​for pastel colors if you intend to wear your purple skirt.

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