3 ways to enhance your home interior through shelving

Spring is a time to take on new challenges, set new goals, and find new projects … So why not invest your time and energy into your home?

Below are 3 hints and tips to do just that.  Add some sparkle and a touch of creation through your very own bespoke shelving solutions

These tips won’t revolutionise your home but will add a touch of you into your storage.  You might want to add a contemporary look to your office, add a splash of  colour and fun to the kids’ bedroom, add brightness to your kitchen or even create a small library. Or, adapt our suggestions to make something else.  Have fun and be creative.

  1. Shape your shelves

Gone are the straight slats placed neatly in parallel, one above the other, it’s time to get creative with shapes, movement and colour can be implemented to your shelves.

Why not consider diamond shaped, hexagon or the famous triangles, these shapes are fashionable and will stand out.

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  1. Randomise the placement

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, part of the fun is about being fresh with concepts.  Don’t be afraid to hang your shelves in random order and implement  crazy compositions.

There are endless ways to arrange shelves from placing a single shelf that contrasts with the wall and the rest of the decor, to more elaborate and disorderly intentional compositions in which the elements of the shelves are repeated, but change in size and colour.

  1. Unleash your imagination

You could opt for more complex challenges like creative family trees that serve a dual purpose for a cat to climb.  Whatever you do, draw it out first, make sure the practicality is there and then get to it.

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Once the shelving is in, and you’ve congratulated yourself on your marvels, you may want to take on other projects that may not be as easy to finance.  You may even decide to move home and take on bigger projects.  If you are looking for conveyancing solicitors quotes visit Sam Conveyancing for information and support.

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