The benefits of macramé for older people

Crafting lovers have long known the benefits of this wonderful hobby, including the positive impact on mental health, dexterity and cognitive abilities. But crafting, in particular the ancient craft of macramé, can have specific benefits for the older generation.

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What is macramé?

Macrame is an ancient art that consists of tying together different cords into special macramé knots to produce things like art, homeware and even clothing. This very old textile craft has seen a rise in popularity in recent years, and macramé homeware in particular can make a stylish and chic addition to your home.

What benefits does macrame have for older people?

Macrame is a fantastic way to spend any spare time, as it is an easy way to perform self-care, even on the go. All anyone needs is cords and their hands, that’s it. Beginners may benefit from a macrame kit, such as the Wool Couture macrame kits, as this will include cords and a pattern to get you started. You can do macramé at home with a cup of tea, listening to the radio or even on the bus. All you need is your macrame kit and you’re away!

Mental health benefits

Crafting, and in particular macramé, is known to be good for your mental health. As we age, it is even more important to look after our mental health.

Macrame promotes mindfulness, the practice of being present in the moment and heightening our awareness of sensations, where we are and what we are doing. This is a very effective way of supporting good mental health and improving overall well-being. It can also reduce symptoms of other conditions such as high blood pressure and insomnia.

Mindfulness through macrame can also help you deal with illness. If you find yourself facing a serious, long-term or chronic illness, macramé can relieve stress and improve your mental outlook. If nothing else, it can help pass the time.

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Macrame can also provide benefits and support good cognitive health, as making things with our hands in a recreational setting is good for our brains, coordination and dexterity.

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