How to get the Sport Chic style

Already many seasons ago celebrities and women from the world of fashion and entertainment have given much to talk about with their outfits “fickle but cool” and although many of us in the real world can believe that their outfits are difficult to achieve, The truth is that not so much.

Personalities such as the Kardashian clan have adopted this style completely and have taken over the style by imposing it on all sides, so much so that to date we can say “that body is very Kim” so if you are a fan of this type of garments and of all Outfits that take out the Kardashian-Jenner, you can not stop reading this post. Keep reading: T-shirt with cause, design and sense

What is the Sport Chic style?

Sport Chic style


It is a combination of classic sportswear, such as joggers, sneakers, or sport sweatshirts with a more glamorous garment such as heels, a more structured blazer. What most looks of this union of styles is the contrast that draws attention, that is, not everyone would dare to wear a sports garment to go to the office, for example, or print heels in combination with Lycra pants.

What are the key pieces of the Sport Chic style?

Joggers: This type of pants is the most comfortable, whether we use it for sports activities, or just to spend the day.

Body: The origin of the body is sporty, evokes the activities of gymnastics or ballet, and now it has become a staple in the wardrobe of all of us.

Sneakers: Whether for running, or urban classics like Converse or Vans will be insipensables.

Sweatshirts: Whatever your style of sportswear, an oversized sweatshirt will help you achieve the sport chic style.

Sport Chic style

What is the secret to achieving the Sport Chic style?

To dare to combine the things that would normally think that they do not wear sports clothes, this is the main point, so do not be afraid to put on your clothes.

What do you think about this style, would you dare to wear it or would you prefer it to remain exclusively for celebrities? If you are interested in knowing more fashion tips, we invite you to take a look at the post: What you should stop using to have more style. You may also like: 

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