How to Wear a Poncho and Not Look Like a Grandmother?

Ponchos are a multi-use garment that you can take advantage of in your fall-winter styling. They are warm and can be worn in different ways depending on the occasion and depending on the model. For many, wearing a poncho is not easy, and we don’t always know how to wear it, so it doesn’t look like we are wearing a grandma’s touch.

Today we tell you how to wear a poncho in the most popular way, following the latest fashion trends that we have seen on catwalks around the world. From the coat format, through a maxi scarf, to the classic models of ponchos with sleeves. If you still do not have yours, get a woman’s poncho, because I assure you that you will want to wear it at all times in winter.

How to wear a poncho?

Take note of the types of poncho that are most worn this season and how to wear a poncho like the girls who know the most about fashion. Let yourself be inspired by these ideas of looks and discover how to wear a poncho making the most of it.

How to wear a poncho

Wear a poncho with a total black look

It seems incredible that we were already talking in 2015 about the growing fashion of ponchos (you can see it in this post here ), and that this controversial garment continues to take 4 seasons later. But it is that nobody has been able to resist this versatile garment, even if you want the famous ones or fashionable girls. You can use them in so many different ways, that it always seems that you wear a new penda every time you wear it.

A very simple way to wear a wool poncho is simply to let it be the main garment. We have seen them wear as layers of clothing on the looks in neutral tones, such as a black look.

Dare to wear a poncho as if it were warm clothing, choosing a closed garment that covers your shoulders but leaves you with total mobility in your arms. Much more comfortable than any jacket, and if you choose the perfect model, also more stylish.

Open poncho

Open poncho

Although I admit that I like closed ponchos, I have to admit that I am more than wearing them open. As if you were carrying a blanket on your shoulders, but with much more elegance and providing a touch that seems super feminine.

The key to not look like a grandmother’s style is to choose the perfect garment, with a print and colors that are current and that goes with your style.

Wool ponchos for women

Wool ponchos for women

We have seen many models of country ponchos with ethnic motifs in low-cost fashion stores like Zara and Mango that try to imitate the designs of big brands like Isabel Marant. Also, totally transparent waterproof ponchos inspired by the models that have appeared on the catwalks.

But I like geometric patterns, such as tartan paintings and the color block that is still taking this season. Which ones do you want?

Poncho on the shoulders

Poncho on the shoulders

An option that I like very much to go warm and original for a winter wedding is the ponchos of cashmere in elegant colors. More delicate and stylish than wearing a coat or any jacket, they wrap more. If you carry them delicately on your shoulders, you get a very elegant look.

But this style not only serves to dress on a special occasion. You can also use it in your day to day, using your favorite ponchos to wear as a scarf.

The bigger they are, the better. Try to place it on the shoulders and go around the neck with it to go very well protected from the cold, with a super original style that will not leave anyone indifferent.

Wear an ethnic poncho

Wear an ethnic poncho

Ethnic ponchos are those that have lots of drawings, fringes and many details like the ones you will find in crochet ponchos, combining a varied range of colors. They are themselves garments with a lot of personalities. For this reason, it is best to combine it with simpler looks.

They seem to me to be the perfect garment to combine in winter. For example, with a dress or short skirt, whether you feel like wearing thick stockings or not. Being a long garment, the look is completely covered, leaving all the prominence to the outerwear. Combined with a cowboy or ethnic boots is the best look to get a boho style of 10. How would you combine it?

Wear a poncho with a belt

To also wear a dress, or simply with skinny jeans that fit your figure, a closed poncho with a belt is a super feminine look that can easily replace any super warm coat in your closet.

Place it so that you have total mobility in the arms, and put on a belt so that it is secured by marking the waist. Some ponchos already have a belt included and are perfect to wear closed. But if you don’t have one like that, you have to choose a thin belt that you like and close it around your waist to create a feminine look perfect for any occasion.

Extra long poncho

Extra long poncho

If the ponchos we used to wear some years ago are still wearing this season, there is a difference that you will surely notice in the new models. This fall-winter, we will wear a slightly longer poncho. It is that as long coats are worn, these garments have also gained a few centimeters in length to adapt to new trends.

More than a scarf, these ponchos are authentic blankets with which you could cover yourself in bed. But they are so ideal that you want to take them out at all times, combining them both open and closed with a belt. And they certainly don’t look anything like the ones grandmas use!

Check out all the ponchos on offer that are in fashion stores, and choose your favorites to go to the latest. Now that you know how to wear a poncho in your day today, you will surely take advantage of this garment that never goes out of style.

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