Graduation outfits: Tips And Ideas For A Flawless Look

The degree is a crucial moment in the life of every woman (and man) comes after a long process of a study done of hard work, sleepless nights, days spent on books, or repeat out loud at least three chapters in one day. It is a moment that must be celebrated and celebrated in the best possible way and with the right outfit because, as for many occasions, you cannot dress randomly.

Clothes for graduation: which ones to choose?Graduation outfits

To celebrate your graduation in the best possible way, the dress must also be appropriate, just like when you choose the look for a job interview. Although each type of degree has its own dictates and its own level of formality, there are evergreens that will allow us to feel at ease always and in any case. Among the most popular graduation dresses we certainly find the suit, the suit of jacket and skirt or trousers, to combine with a blouse or blouse.

The most used colors are the classic colors: black, dark blue, gray, burgundy accompanied by white, cream, pastel pink, pastel blue, or similar shirts or blouses. There is no shortage of the most daring who decide to wear a little red even for the graduation session, and not just for the highly anticipated party. If you love red and have a particular personality enough to wear it properly, you can either opt for a dress with a flounced skirt or a red shirt to combine with a pencil skirt and jacket, even crop if the skirt is waisted. high. An important factor to consider when choosing graduation clothes is that of the agitation we will have during the discussion or during the proclamation.

Agitation makes us sweat, therefore we must avoid those fabrics that tend to show sweat marks. In a situation like graduation, the first rule isfeel at ease, even with the outfit we choose, always trying to enhance our body and not mortify it in too structured or old school clothes. And let’s not forget the seriousness of the event: although every university and every degree has a different degree of formality, we are not attending a concert or attending a party. No to too excessive necklines or too short skirts, too flashy accessories, or too sporty dresses.

Graduation suit: formal but with originalityGraduation outfits

If you are looking for the perfect graduation attire, the suit is certainly among the safest choices. You don’t have to imagine the classic suit, considered boring at times. The fashion of the last few years offers particular, modern, and also very youthful variants, therefore also perfect for a girl who is approaching the fateful moment. You can opt for a suit jacket and trousers, but you will have various types available: low-waisted cigarette trousers with matching long jacket, both with classic and double-breasted closure; or high-waisted palazzo trousers with both normal and crop cut jackets, slightly short to close at the waist.

Then there is also the suit with a skirt, that is a complete jacket and skirt to be combined with a blouse or a soft blouse. Very beautiful are those with a longuette pencil skirt, in dark colors such as black, dark gray, or dark blue, to combine with a light-colored blouse such as white, cream, or sand/gold, and the matching jacket. To complete the graduation suit look, choose a pair of shoes with heels, possibly décolleté. Don’t overdo the heights and remember the comfort: you can’t suffer from shoes during such an important moment!

Dresses for graduation: sheath dress or with a bell skirtGraduation outfits

If you prefer to wear a dress during graduation, don’t worry: there is something for everyone! The sheath dress is very beautiful and elegant too. You can opt for a structured sheath dress, even high-necked, to be combined with a jacket of both the same color and tone on tone. Or very popular are the dresses with a bell skirt, to be combined with a coordinated jacket, perhaps crop to give a 50s twist to the whole outfit. Also in this case the decollete with a bit of plateau will come to your rescue to complete the whole look and make you always feel elegant. Password, always and in any case: sobriety! So even if you love red and the idea of ​​wearing a dress of this color to celebrate graduation and attract all the luck possible, avoid plunging necklines or skirts that are too short. Always combine red with sober and neutral colors: if the dress is red, choose a jacket and black pumps.

Which dress to choose for the graduation party?Graduation outfits

The graduation party is certainly the most carefree moment of all, in which you will be the undisputed queens and the freest to celebrate. Everyone has their own way of celebrating: there are those who will choose an elegant party, with dinner or aperitif, and those who want to opt for a wild party, perhaps in a disco or in a bar to have fun with friends. Depending on the party you choose, you can opt for a different type of dress. If your party is very formal, keep the style you have chosen for the graduation discussion: jacket and trousers or skirt, or sheath dress and jacket, even if you can choose something even shorter. If your party will not have anything formal, choose the dress that pays homage to your happiness!

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