Wearing stylish heels is easy if you know how to figure it out!

The stylish heels, immortalized in the history of cinema and photography, sharpen the silhouette, make you feel sexy and are for many the symbol of femininity and elegance. Learn to wear them with style and safety!

The best tips to wear heels

High heels are a symbol of femininity, elegance, make you feel sexy and also refine the silhouette, but to walk with heels is not enough to wear them, you must wear shoes and your body in harmony, without showing effort, otherwise Can seriously attack your image.

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The women’s footwear manufacturers Made in me give us the best tips to wear stylish heels with maximum style, sensuality, and comfort.

Stylish Heels: how they affect the health of your feet

1. The posture you keep when walking with heels is decisive. You must stay upright and control the muscles of the stomach, lumbar, inner thighs and pelvic floor as you relax your arms and knees. They are guidelines not very different to those given in dance or pilates. Above all, your position should be a reflection of your confidence, your security. So, practice at home first before going out in case it is your first stylish heels and looks at yourself in a mirror, the best way to learn the basics of correct posture.

2. Look for the quality in the footwear, because it is not true that all the heels are uncomfortable. Wear good shoes and you will see, they will adapt to the foot like a glove and you will be much easier to walk with them.

3. If you do not want to look like a duck when you walk with heels, do not try to support both the tip and the heel at the same time. First the heel and then the tip, this is how the foot should be supported.

4. Some terrain is complicated when walking with heels. Be careful of moving earth, lawn or areas with grills or vents on the ground. If you have no choice but to walk through these areas, you’ll have to save them by walking on tiptoe without supporting the heel or sinking. If you will have to walk much distance, You are in a hurry or the ground that you will tread is very irregular, it is best to avoid the heels.

5. Even if it seems a little embarrassing, to carry your stylish heels well you need to wiggle your hip when walking so that you can maintain your balance naturally. Of course, it is not necessary to exaggerate the movement or you will lose elegance.

stylish heels
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6. When you wear stylish heels, your feet should be impeccable. Not only the nails and the enamel but also the skin, without harshness etc. Also, avoid strips, look for a model that does not shatter your foot and if you have an injury, wear comfortable and soft shoes for a few days, but avoid the ideal sandal at night with bandages peeking.

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