Tips for cleaning party dresses without damaging them

Something that happens when we go to parties and we can rarely avoid, is that we stain our new dress. The stains of desserts, drinks and salty dishes are waiting. For that reason, we want to give you some tips to clean party dresses without damaging them.

How to Clean a Party Dress

Before cleaning a party dress it is best that we check what kind of stain is the one that has if the stain is blood it is best to let the soak the dress in cold water. It is preferable that we wash the party dress by hand if it is delicate, we can use some warm or cold water and a detergent for delicate clothes to clean it.

cleaning party dresses
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If the dress is a satin cloth we can clean it with a solution made of mild detergent and cold water, we will only take a clean cloth and we will wet it in this solution, then we will clean the dirt stain on the dress and let it dry. If the dirt on the party dress persists, we just have to repeat the procedure.

How to Clean a Delicate Party Dress

To dry a party dress without damaging it we can put it on a thick towel and carefully wrap the towel with the dress, in this way we can squeeze the excess water without damaging the fabric. Finally, we just have to put the dress on another towel and let it dry. We can also let it air dry but it has to be away from the sunlight.

cleaning party dresses
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In a tub we will pour some warm water and two or three drops of hair shampoo, after stirring well we will submerge the dress and let it restless than five minutes. Carefully we will rub the stains of the party dress with the help of our fingers or with a very soft sponge if the party dress that we will clean is of silk the best thing is that we do not run it since the fibers can be easily damaged.

After draining the water, we use we can fill the vat with cold water and then pour ¼ cup of white vinegar, this way we can remove the soap residue in addition to neutralizing the alkalinity, another advantage of this solution is that it softens the Silk and can give it back its shine. Now we just have to rinse the dress well and dry it with a towel.

If we have trouble cleaning the dress or want to use a commercial cleaner then we can use wipers like Woo lite Extra Delicates to clean delicate party dresses, these types of products contain no chemicals and enzymes that can damage delicate clothing.

Try to clean the stain as soon as it occurs. If you expect the stain can be more difficult to remove.

If the stain already has a lot of time or you fear to damage the garment the best thing is that you take your dress with a professional.

These tips to clean party dresses without damaging them will help you to maintain the care of your clothes, as well as the tips to remove the yellow color of the satin.

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