What Color Shoes to Wear With an Orange Dress?

Orange is a lively and vivid color that exudes a sense of playfulness and confidence. It is often linked to summertime, sunshine, imagination, and dynamism. If you plan to wear an orange dress, you’ll want to choose shoes that complement this striking shade to make a bold statement. However, selecting the right color of shoes to match with an orange dress can be challenging, given the vast array of choices available. The process of pairing shoes with a dress requires careful consideration to ensure that your outfit looks put-together and eye-catching. This article will explore what color shoes to wear with an orange dress.

Neutral Shoe Colors for an Orange Dress

Neutrals like black, white, nude, silver, or gold shoes provide a blank canvas that lets the orange dress shine. They offer a versatile and easy option for casual daytime or dressy evening. Here are some top neutral shoe choices:

Neutral Shoe Colors for an Orange Dress

Black Shoes

The classic black pump, flat, or sandal can’t be beaten in terms of versatility. Black shoes ground the attention on that fiery orange dress. They also elongate the legs. Stiletto, block, or chunky heels work well. Black lace-up oxfords or loafers make an edgy, menswear-inspired pairing. Matte leather or suede finishes keep the look refined. Black shoes dress up an orange dress for the office, date nights, or formal events.

White Shoes

Fresh, summery white shoes complement orange dresses flawlessly. Crisp white sneakers, flats, or sandals have a casual chic vibe for the daytime. Shiny patent or leather pumps bring white shoes into the evening. Intricate lace and embroidery on white heels or booties add interest. White platform shoes pair perfectly with short, flirty orange dresses. Strappy white sandals keep feet cool and complete a vibrant summer outfit.

Nude Shoes

Nude or beige shoes extend the leg and create a streamlined effect with orange dresses. The neutral skin tone hue blends seamlessly for a polished look. Pointed-toe nude pumps work for office wear. Metallic nude sandals and heels shine on formal occasions. Nude lace-up flats or booties add subtle flair. Opt for nude shoes in a close match to your exact skin tone.

Metallic Shoes

Metallic shoes like silver, gold, rose gold, or bronze complement orange dresses for dressier occasions like parties, weddings, or nights out—the sheen of metallic picks up the brightness of orange beautifully. Ankle-wrap silver sandals or two-tone gold and orange pumps make glamorous pairings. Flashy metallic heels, like rose gold ankle boots, contrast and elevate the look.

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Colorful Shoe Options for Orange Dresses

Beyond neutrals, vivid colors and patterns energize an orange dress. Contrasting colors make the look pop. Complementary warm tones bring harmony. Consider colorful shoes in these hues and styles:

Red Shoes

Fiery red shoes turn up the heat when paired with orange. Accurate red pumps, flats, and sandals make bold statements. Red lace-up sneakers or booties add retro flair. Metallic red heels amp up the glam factor. Match bright tomato red shoes with citrusy orange dresses for an electric look. Deeper oxblood reds work better with burnt orange hues.

Pink Shoes

Pretty pink shoes soften and feminize the orange dress. Blush nudes, pastels, or neon pinks all work. Dainty pink lace flats or strappy sandals bring out a cute daytime vibe. Metallic or suede pink heels make nights out shine. Pink ankle boots toughen up the pairing. Flirty pink platforms or wedges matched with mini orange dresses become the perfect summer ensemble.

Yellow Shoes

Sunny yellow shoes put an instant smile on your face when paired with orange. All shades of yellow, from bright lemon to mustard, complement orange beautifully. Open-toe mules or ankle-tie flats in yellow make playful partners. Low-block heels or wedges finished in yellow suede freshen up the pairing. For tropical flair, opt for strappy yellow sandals with cut-out details.

Peach Shoes

Peach shoes blend seamlessly with orange dresses as nature’s perfect color combination. Soft peachy pinks, nudes, or orangey corals work magically with all-orange tones. Laidback sneakers, slip-on flats, or espadrilles in peach tones look casually chic. Metallic or suede peach heels turn up the volume for the evening. The two sweet tones make an irresistible pairing.

Green Shoes

Vibrant green shoes complement orange dresses beautifully. Lively greens like lime, emerald, and forest shades contrast in an eye-catching way. Bold green lace-up sneakers or brogues change up the look. Velvety green flats or sleek pumps work for day or night. Emerald strappy heels paired with orange mini-dresses become the perfect party pairing. Olive green booties or wedges keep it casual.

Blue Shoes

Cool blue shoes mellow out hot orange dresses in a lovely balance. Classic navy pumps or blue satin flats work perfectly. Light blue sandals or tie-up espadrilles say laidback summer style. Metallic or neon blue heels make the pairing dressier and more boldly colorful. Electric orange and blue is a dynamic color combination.

Orange Shoes

Remember to wear actual orange shoes with an orange dress for monochromatic magic. Orange lace-up sneakers, loafers, or oxfords exude retro charm. Orange sandals or espadrilles are a good match for warm weather. Metallic orange booties or wedges make edgier style statements. For variation, wear different orange tones together, like neon and burnt orange.

Shoe Styles to Consider with Orange Dresses

Beyond colors, silhouette and style matter too in shoe pairings. Specific shoes naturally complement orange dresses. Think about these shoe styles to complete your orange dress outfit:


Strappy, gladiator, flat, or wedge sandals warrant first mention with sunny orange dresses. Open-toed shoes keep feet cool and let tropical-inspired outfits shine through. Flat orange sandals work for casual daywear. Metallic heels and wedges take things up a notch. Strappy designs flatter the ankle and elongate the leg.


Sporty sneakers bring a casual, laidback vibe that orange dresses love. Classic white or color-pop sneakers pair well. Retro high-top or lace-up styles make fun pairings. Plimsolls or slip-on sneakers in bright colors or prints look fresh. Ground an orange dress with any sneaker style for brunch, garden parties, or day dates.


Ballet flats, loafers, smoking slippers, or oxfords in a mix of neutrals and colors tailor to orange dresses perfectly. Pointy toes or rounder silhouettes both work. Metallic and suede flats shine for dressier affairs. Espadrilles give off vacation vibes. Flats adapt well from sophisticated work looks to weekend wear.


Heels take any orange dress to the next level of formal or high-fashion. Look for block, stiletto, chunky, precise, or cone heels. Ankle strap styles flatter most. Match metallic, colored, suede, or patterned heels to your orange dress. Heels work magic for cocktail parties, red carpets, weddings, or hot dates.


Booties provide an edgy counterbalance to feminine orange dresses. Western, Chelsea, combat, or over-the-knee styles work. Chunky lug soles or sleek contours contrast nicely. Metallics or color pairings make them stand out. Wear booties to rock concerts, art galleries, or any time you want to add an urban edge.

Outfit Inspiration: Sample Ways to Style Orange Dresses

To spark more orange dress and shoe pairing ideas, here are some example outfits for different occasions:

Casual Daytime: A breezy skater orange dress with white lace-up sneakers creates a relaxed weekend look. Add a denim jacket for chillier weather or a crossbody bag for errands. Finish with delicate gold jewelry for an easy, put-together outfit.

Office Attire: Look polished at work with a satin belted orange dress worn with nude pointy-toe pumps and a gold bangle bracelet. Carry a neutral-tailored tote or briefcase. Add a blazer or cardigan for versatility in office environments.

Formal Affair: Make an entrance at a wedding or event wearing a satin A-line orange dress with rhinestone embellishments and silver strappy heels. Carry a sparkly clutch and wear diamond drop earrings for added glam.

Night Out: Turn heads at the club or dinner wearing an off-the-shoulder or mini orange bandage dress matched with red metallic stiletto ankle boots. Consider a bold red lip and crossbody going from dinner to drinks.

Summer Holiday: Pack an easy maxi orange dress with tropical prints for your next vacation. Pair with peach wedge espadrilles, oversized sunnies, and a wide-brim hat for a vibrant oceanside, resort, or cruise ship ensemble.

Garden Party: Look darling at an outdoor gathering wearing an orange fit and flare dress with flirty pink tie-up flats and a classic trench coat for transitional weather. Top with a floppy straw hat and dainty floral earrings.


What color shoes go best with a bright orange dress?

Go for neutrals like nude or black shoes for bright orange dresses. White or metallic shoes also work well. For color, bright pinks, reds, or yellows complement the bold orange nicely.

What shoes complement a burnt orange dress?

Deeper burnt orange shades pair beautifully with black, brown, peach, red, green, or blue shoes. Metallic and suede shoes also flatter the darker orange tone.

What shoes can I wear with an orange dress to a wedding?

Opt for formal heels or sandals in silver, gold, black, white, or blush pinks for weddings. Avoid ultra-casual styles like bright sneakers. Stick to dressy neutrals or metallic shoes to get the most versatile pair to reuse.

What color shoes go with a rust orange dress?

Pair rusty orange dresses with brown, tan, black, or gold shoes for a luxe fall look. Plum, wine, and olive green shoe colors also beautifully complement the deeper rusty orange.

What color shoes match a neon orange dress?

Have fun and go bold with neon pink, yellow, green, blue, or neon orange shoes. White or metallic shoes also light up with bright oranges. Sneakers and flats in these colors keep the outfit casual.


Orange dresses make fun and eye-catching style statements. Pair them with shoes in versatile neutrals like nude or black for foolproof outfits. Then, explore pops of color or metallics to make the look come alive. Strappy sandals or chic flats work for the daytime, while heels and booties turn up the heat at night. Look for red, pink, yellow, blue, and green shoes to complement the orange dress. Consider different orange shades, too, for monochromatic moments. With all these shoe-pairing possibilities, you can rock orange dresses for any occasion and match your shoes perfectly!

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