How to Dress Like a Rocker? Tips for Men and Women

Rocker fashion style or rock style no longer escape anyone. We have seen it in recent years with the typical Ramones flag shirt on all types of Instagramers. Including even the elegant ones. In this article, we will present how to dress like a rocker.

For Rock lovers, those who listen to it daily and pay attention to the lyrics of their songs while we feel our hearts vibrate, seeing someone with these types of shirts without even knowing who they are from is the least curious. Above all for those who are not passionate about the world of styling.

How to dress like a rocker?

If you want to dress like a rocker, you need some dresses and styles. Here are the details.

Denim will be your most faithful companion


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Invented in Nimes (France), its resistance and durability make the Denim an ideal ally. Granting different possibilities of expression that the most faithful to the myths of rock have taken advantage of. Mainly used in jackets and pants.

Is there a rule on how to wear Denim in rocker style? Well, not many. If something infuses rock, it is freedom of expression. So the more feeling of disorder and destruction the clothes convey, the more rocker the look will be. Although, as you can see later in this article, we can also dress elegantly with rocker style.

Wear rocker shirts

rocker shirts

It is not necessary to be a light taken from Oxford to realize that the Rocker style bets for comfort. And what is more comfortable than a shirt? Well, surely nothing. Well, yes, pajamas. But neither is it a plan to reach those extremes.

Rocker-style shirts tend to use dark colors, mainly black. Finding them, especially in t-shirts of rock groups, how could it be otherwise, which can give us a pretty heavy look if we limit ourselves to the basics, but very cool if we complement it properly.

For women, rocker-style shirts give much more play, being able to choose all kinds of cuts that teach more or less meat. Men, as always in fashion issues, are a little more limited, although we can always focus on a rock look by looking at the shape of the neck and the prints.

To give them a more rocker feel, you can roll up your short sleeve shirts. Also, look at the type of cut of the shirt and how it is once put to see if it is consistent with the rocker look you intend to convey. If you climb a little in the back, that misalignment sounds like a rock on all four sides.

Don’t forget the leather


The leather jacket is perhaps the most prominent element of the rocker style due to the influence of the biker bands. Including his idol par excellence, Marlon Brando, with his cult of motorcycling and violence. Jackets that are usually black and are adorned with patches, spikes or tacks. Although we can use other colors and dispense with so many ornaments provided that the rest of the style accompanies providing darkness and a misaligned touch.

Nor are we missing the leather pants in the rock look. Yes, those tight blacks that remain of death on long thin legs! They are not ideal to go to church, nor are they the ones that get the most out of them, but having them in the closet for special occasions is basic.

Other clothes and accessories of rock styling

Leather gloves, leather or studded bracelets, necklaces. The possibilities are many. Being able to replace the skinny pants with tights or a pair of socks in the case of women. While in men, the most frequent is to play with the use of bracelets, mainly leather, chains, rings or carabiners.

Dress elegant with rocker style

Many times the elegance takes more inside than outside, but if you love both the rocker style and me and yet you do not want to play it, just try not to overdo it. The important thing is that the whole itself transmits that air of rocker look, although many of its elements are not.

So only a few small details such as a neat hairstyle and a smooth and minimalist top can make a whole rock set serve almost any occasion. Except for ceremonies and Oscar Awards, of course.

Do not go with the accessories. It is not the same as a ring as seven or wears a pendant or not wear it when we already have a pair of bracelets.

Always keep in mind the coat you are going to wear. Wearing jackets, vests or cloth jackets always transform an outfit. Play with those contrasts!

Try to bring at least one element that is purely associated with rocker style. If not between pianos and flutes, you can end up losing the rock look you wanted to convey.

Rocker look + Grunge style

Finally, it is usually quite common to confuse the Rocker style with the Grunge style. Both share that misaligned and rebellious image in the plan “step of everything and if you liked me well and then also.” The two styles share the frequent use of Denim, ripped jeans, military boots or slippers.

Mainly because of the picture prints and because the grunge style is much more casual. Using this point, especially in caps, as well as the use of flannel fabrics. Elements that in a “pure” rocker style do not marry or queue. However, it is not uncommon to see combinations of rock style and grunge style very well managed. And as always, the hairstyle also tells us a lot.

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