Eight perfect dress tips on the first date

There are some helpful instructions on how to wear on a first date. However, the first impression you give to each person is super important, especially if you are in the plan of conquest. The impression you give your boy on his first date will probably always remember.

In this article, we will not give you mandatory rules or rules, but if you have some tips on how to dress on your first date, so it will not be the last.

8 Tips For Your First Date

Eight perfect dress tips
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  • Location

Something essential to be able to choose your outfit is the place where they will go, it is not the same dress for a walk in the park, that for dinner. Evaluate the situation and guide yourself through the colors. If your boy decided to surprise you and you do not know where you’re going, you’d better opt for neutral colors and a neutral, formal or casual outfit.

  • The shoes

We all love high heels, but NOT on first dates! Unless your date is on the red carpet or at a gala, wearing high heels would be a big mistake. You may become uncomfortable, and you will be thinking of the whole foot pain the appointment, not to mention the small accidents that can happen to the falls! Also, you can give a very formal touch to the matter. If it’s a formal date opt for nice but not too high heels, the corridors can also be a good option. If it is an open date, comfortable and nice shoes will give you a chic and fresh touch.

  • Colors

Do not get excited! Using too many colors in a single set can be a big mistake since none of us want to look like a fruitcake, whatever the impression you want to give you must remember that black and white always work.

  • Accessories

Who does not get nervous on their first date? All! That’s why it’s important to avoid the accessories you might be playing while you talk. Remember that when you get anxious or nervous, you can develop tics and play with the jewelry you wear and make your restlessness visible. Choose something simple and practical that complements your outfit but does not make it exaggerated and pompous.

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  • Makeup

    Makeup Style

It is important that you do not happen to experiment with your face on the first date. Do not get to see makeup tutorials and research, especially if you are not expert in the subject. Ask someone to help you make up. Remember to do it without excess and try to look as natural as possible. No boy will want to walk with a walking mask of appointment.

  • Save your clothes with animal print

On your first date, it is possible that you do not know very well the tastes of that person and let me tell you that with the animal print or enchants or scarves, leave these clothes on another occasion; sometimes they look better kept in a closet.

  • Beware of showing too much

There is nothing better to maintain the interest than to show few details. Be careful with transparencies these are not necessary, nor attractive, may be inappropriate in any situation. Be very careful also with necklines and cuts, remember that the first date forms the first impression who wants to give the impression of natural girl to your appointment? Any! Bear in mind that you can look attractive without showing much.

  • Last step

It is probably the most important step to go perfectly on your date. Wear your personality! Be yourself and remember that after all, you want to fall in love with yourself and not your appearance. Be as authentic as possible and always add to your outfits that touch that makes you unique.

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