Best tips to select the trending lehenga for different occasions

With a culture as vast as that of India comes a variety of dress choices that one can wear to weddings or ceremonies. From sarees to Kurtis to lehengas, the choices are abundant. Each of these has its magic, whether it be for a festival such as Diwali or Navratri or whether it’s just for a family gathering. The lehenga has a charm of its own as well.

It is a two-piece garment consisting of an ankle-length skirt and a short blouse or choli. It is usually decorated with beads, mirrors, and other ornaments. Traditional embroidery in various designs and styles is used to embellish the lehenga. Festivals and weddings frequently feature Gota Patti needlework.

There are several different styles and trends for you to personalize your lehenga for different occasions. In this article, we will be diving deeper into these trends to give you a better insight into how to decide what type of lehenga to where.


Choosing the appropriate lehenga choli for yourself or a loved one’s wedding is vital if you want to seem dazzling and gorgeous. It can be difficult to choose from such a vast market with thousands of lehenga choli available online.

Rather than fighting it, Indian brides are leaning into the times we’re in, making the best of it with some entertaining twists on old favorites. Traditionally, Indian brides wore the sacred hue of red as a sign of Mars (the Hindu astrology planet in charge of marriage) and prosperity. Still, today’s modern brides are donning bright Fuschia, tones of green, yellow, and, in some cases, all of the above.

While the rest of the world is opting for more simple styles, Indian ladies are going all out and experimenting with their lehengas. A lot of thought goes behind what type of lehenga to wear. Here are a few tips that go well with the recent lehenga trends and can help you in this process.

  • Defining a budget for yourself: When it comes to choosing a lehenga for marriage or party wear lehenga, many elements come into play. The first and foremost is your budget. Once you know the price range you’re looking for, you can visit the websites of different companies accordingly. It’s also crucial to be realistic about your choice because you might only wear it once in your life. As a result, choosing a lehenga online should ensure cost and choice go hand in hand.
  • Explore your options: If you’re buying a lehenga for your wedding, you should go through all the possibilities. There is a lot of variety in wedding Indian lehengas and choosing the right one is very important. Your big day will only come once, and you do not want to compromise on the choice of your lehenga.
  • Online research: The continual trends affect your decision repeatedly, making it hard to settle on one decision. If you can’t seem to make up your mind, it’s a good idea to conduct some research. To learn more about the current trends and clothes, go through fashion-specific articles, newsletters, and blogs. These studies will assist you in keeping track of available possibilities and correcting any mistakes you make.
  • Be as accurate as possible when it comes to the fitting: A lehenga is something you must feel comfortable in. The modern Indian lehenga is built for comfort so that you can do various activities without it causing a strain on the fabric of the dress. You should make sure that you check the size chart properly and match its alignments with your size.
  • Decide your style: You should already have a particular design or style in mind. There are a variety of lehengas online in India, such as the Anarkali lehenga, the flared lehenga, a paneled lehenga, and much more, but you should choose the one which would suit you best. It would help if you didn’t consider your body type for this since it would hamper your choice and isn’t necessary.
  • Pick a color: The color of your lehenga is very important. Your skin type decides what color goes best on you. Crimson red, Vermilion red, dark pink, and maroon are evergreen colors that almost everyone prefers. Baby pink, bright pink, orange, and other colors are currently the most used colors along with trending lehenga designs.
  • Pick a fabric: The fabric of your lehenga is a very important determinant of the outfit’s comfort. Women’s lehenga cholis are available in a wide range of styles. Online lehengas for women have stretchy fabric selections that can enhance your curves, highlight your body’s forms, and so on. The materials used for weddings are usually determined by the season. However, the skin type and allergies linked with it are frequently overlooked, and this ignorance can lead to an unpleasant sensation throughout the wedding.
  • Choosing a designer: When it comes to a designer lehenga, choosing the right designer becomes very important. A designer is told about your every need and then designs a lehenga for you that is both comfortable and fits perfectly according to your body type. Now that you have decided on your style, color, and fabric choice, you should give all those details to the designer and let them do their magic.


There are plenty of opportunities every year for women to wear lehengas and flaunt them. Now that you have the perfect lehenga for yourself, you can ensure you’re the main attraction at any event. A lehenga gives you elegance and beauty, but only if you’ve chosen the right one. The tips mentioned above help you find the fit that looks the best on you and is also the most comfortable. Use the tips to find the dream lehenga and give yourself the “main character” energy today!

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