T-shirt with cause, design and sense

Today I want to present you a social entrepreneurship project linked to fashion that caught me from the first moment because it contains several ingredients that move me and remove me and that, all of them together, have caused me to give visibility.

T-shirt with cause


I had seen many solidarity shirts made with very unsustainable materials and labels “made in” that left much to be desired… On other occasions, these shirts may be made with sustainable materials and respecting the rights of workers, but what was compromised are the designs of the same … t-shirts with very little worked patterns and graphics motives that ended up relegating them, with luck, to shirts to be at home and to sleep. Does it sound? If you have attended any of my talks you have heard me put this example for sure, and for me, there is nothing less sustainable than something ugly! Keep reading: 10 fashion elements every girl needs in her wardrobe 

And what’s different about Uttopy? Well, I love your proposal because Ines and Cristina have been able to turn this reality around and have created solidarity shirts, with sugarcane designs and made respecting the environment and people. Do you want to know how they got it?

We are the ocean (We are the ocean), the message of the Uttopy t-shirt in defense of the oceans designed by the student of Elisava Clara Planas

To have a quality graphic design Uttopy has relied on who has to trust … in the professionals. And as surely as many emerging brands did not have enough money to hire a professional, they have carried out a collaboration with the design school ELISAVA launching the “Uttopy Challenge”, a challenge in which they invited the students to design the different collections of the firm, each inspired by a social or environmental cause. A win-win-win collaboration in which in addition to having fresh and professional designs have managed to bring different social causes to the young people. I love!

T-shirt with design


The best, the sustainable materials and the respectful factories. And what about the “made in” and the materials and processes of creation? In response to this question, Ines tells me that “the production of all the Uttopy garments is carried out in a manner that is respectful of the environment and of people throughout their process”. “To ensure this,” he continues, “we surround ourselves with suppliers aligned with our values and who have the necessary controls over their production processes.

Depending on the model, the factories in which they produce can be found in Asia (China and Bangladesh) or in Europe (Portugal and Turkey), and we require them to be members of the Fair Wear Foundation (FWF), and to comply with the c GOTS, OCS Blended, OCS 100, and Oeko Tex . ”

T-shirt label Uttopy “We are the Ocean”

Regarding screen printing and final manipulation, Inés tells me that both processes are already carried out in Spain, using water-based inks, free of solvents, PVC, and fatalities, free of toxic and certified substances, which reduces the impact on the environment and ensures a healthy work environment for people.

No doubt a well thought out and executed the project that deserves to be taken into account.

Every day should be a good day to protect our most precious asset, water.

T-shirt with sense


The shirt that I wear in the photos of this post is called “We are the Ocean” (We are the ocean) and it is a design in which the student Clara Planas transforms a fishing net into an invitation to take care of and protect our oceans 15% of the price you pay for it will go to the Oceana, which looks after the conservation of the seas.

For this reason I would have liked that this post had seen the light last Thursday, June 8, since it was the World Day of the Oceans, which this year had as its motto “Our Oceans, our future” (and that is that we should be very aware that the oceans are the lungs of our planet, since they generate most of the oxygen we breathe “), but I wanted the sea to appear in the photos, and family logistics did not allow me to do it until Sunday …. Even so, it is also a good excuse to remember that although “international days” are very important, it is every day that we must move and act so that this planet is, at least, a little better than yesterday. Check also: http://www.hayzedmagazine.com/best-ways-change-look/

To conclude, just to tell you that the defense of the oceans is not the only cause that Uttopy supports. I invite you to take a look at the project and discover the different social causes that it seeks to give visibility through t-shirts of the cutest and the best: biodiversity, rare diseases, poverty, and homeless people. Which one do you prefer?

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