What lingerie to wear according to your body?

To avoid that they are marked under the clothes or that highlight details that we want to hide, we give you some tips to buy the right model lingerie.

That marks the waist, which gives us the roll, which is noticeable if I wear those pants. Lingerie is like the second skin of women, so it is important to choose the exact model for each type of body. One of the noblest and rewarding benefits of using the garment according to our figure is that it not only helps to mold it, it also highlights our attributes. If you still do not have the right type, follow these suggestions and dazzle with your figure. Keep reading: Cross-Suit: The Elegance of the Gentleman

A model of lingerie for each type of woman


* Classic bikini: it is the most common, especially for women with average physical structure. Ideal for the gym or sports activities.

* Invisible: They are made of elastic, so they do not have seams. This means that they are not marked under the clothes. They are the best choice for party dresses.

* High-waisted: very similar to bikini, they are perfect to hide the belly that protrudes in the lower part of the waist and achieve full coverage in the buttocks. They stylize the figure and act like a belt.

* Wide waist: this garment is small, but its design helps keep the waist in place without anyone noticing that you wear it.

* Brief: this design is very similar to the boxer shorts or the shorts. It allows you to wear low waist pants without worrying about walking around showing the underwear. You may also like: http://buzzthisnow.com/value-t-shirt-printing/

* Boxer: is similar to short. It covers everything back and forth, but it’s closer to the body, of course. The one is chosen by the thinnest ones. It is not the best for wide hips and thighs because the fabric can be rolled up in the thigh area and rolled up.

* Spanx: is the modeling underwear par excellence. Its function is to adjust and reduce the rolls and create clean lines under the garments. It is the favorite of the famous for the red carpet.

* Thong: this model offers greater coverage on the sides and in the front, also covers more in the buttocks area. Suitable for women of large sizes because, unlike yarn, does not mark the skin on the sides.

* Desperado: this model is very low in the waist, it is worn at the height of the hips and the style can vary; for example, it may be a loose thong or a loose brief.

* Pantyhose or control: comes in different textures that allow molding the woman’s body in the area that is needed. It is recommended that it extends under the bust to hide the “rolls”. For those of hips or large thighs, the best thing is a panty full control, pettipants type.

* Wide cuffs: increase the volume of the hip, but it is only an optical effect. The low-rise model is not suitable for short legs, as it cuts them even further. Keep reading http://healthyfamilyapp.com/lighting-a-history-in-style/

Golden rules of lingerie


  • Always choose underwear of our size.
  • The bloomers must fit perfectly in three points of the body: the waist, the hip, and the crotch.
  • If you’re looking to enhance the buttocks, opt for those that have reinforcements in the abdomen and waist, and preferably with a lighter fabric in the back area.

All women should have raw, black and red underwear in their dresser drawer. You can do without the white lingerie because under a garment of the same color is fully visible. It is preferable to opt for the color ones.

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