Black sneakers to combine with any garment in your wardrobe

Have you had enough of heels? Don’t worry, if you wear black sneakers you will get a super nice and very stylish look.

Black Converse Shoes

Why do we like black sneakers so much? It is true that they give a casual and cool touch to any look but they are so beautiful and comfortable, that we cannot imagine having anything else on our feet. Plus, they are super versatile! If you recreate the outfit of the influencer and bet on some ripped pants and a basic shirt, you will not fail.

Black sneakers and a hat

Julie Sarinana wears her high-cut Converse sneakers with jeans above the ankle, a brown jacket, and a hat for a clearly boho-inspired look.

Nike shoes

If you like the sporty-chic style, here is an ideal mid-season look. A black sweatshirt, matching leggings, a full-color bag, and, of course, some sneakers.

A total black look

If you don’t know how to combine your black sneakers for a casual look, here we leave you a perfect proposal. Some ripped pants, a basic black shirt, and matching sneakers.

Black sneakers with a dress

We have already told you: black sneakers are VERY versatile and not only can you wear them with your favorite pants but they will also combine wonderfully with your skirts and dresses. Here is the proof.

A long story

The origin of Vans shoes dates back to 1966 when Paul Van Doren and three partners opened their first store to the public. Today they are still one of the most famous sneakers in the world.

With an American

We love this urban chic look from influencer Danielle Bernstein! White pants, a crop top, and a checked blazer. Casual and chic at the same time. Of course, he is not wearing just any black sneakers but sock-style ones, what a style!

Inspired by socks

Sock-inspired sneakers and ankle boots took over the street style last year and remain one of the strongest trends this season. Of course, it is a model suitable only for the most daring.

The ‘ugly sneakers’Black sneakers

Balenciaga shoes, known as “the ugliest sneakers in the world” conquered the streets last year and we have to say that now even we would like to get hold of them. Chiara Ferragni wears them in a total black look and a warm coat.

Zara sneakers

If spending € 650 on a pair of sneakers doesn’t convince you, here is an ideal alternative: sneakers in black with an animal print on the upper in a combination of materials. In addition,  these shoes solve all the looks of the week and are perfect if you are short

Sneakers by Bershka

Although if you prefer a more versatile model, these shoes, in the purest Balenciaga style, in black with reflective pieces detail.

With platform

But don’t miss it: the ugly sneakers have come up with a competitor. Yes, the platform shoes! Mery Turiel combines them with skinny pants, a checked shirt, and a denim jacket. What are you already thinking of replicating the look?

Black and white

Why should you get a platform shoe? Because being so voluminous, they will make your legs appear, by the opposition, much thinner.

Things as they are: we all like (even from time to time) to leave our heels at home and put on comfortable shoes. That is why it is not uncommon for sneakers to have become one of the strongest trends in recent seasons. And although we are ultra fans of looks with white sneakers, we just realized that the coolest sneakers in the world are … black sneakers!


They go well with EVERYTHING. They look great with your favorite jeans and you can also wear them with your skirts and dresses. If you need more inspiration, check out the best sneaker looks for when you don’t want to wear heels. And choose your favorite model right now!

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