The different types of ties

The tie is a fundamental accessory to have an enviable outfit and a look that highlights the characteristics of your shirt and dress.

A good tie does a lot in terms of clothing, because it is an accessory that immediately stands out, and above all it allows you to highlight the style of the wearer.

The classic tietypes of ties

The first big distinction that must be made when it comes to ties, is that between the slim model and the classic model.

The classic model has standard measurements, which are 150cm long and 9cm wide. The classic model is suitable for more informal situations, where you can show off so much elegance.

It represents a touch of glamor but of high style, a hallmark of elegance, a must-have for important occasions.

The slim tie

The slim tie differs slightly from the size of the classic one, the length is in fact the same, 150 centimeters. Change the width measurement, which loses 2 centimeters, from 9 to 7.

The slim tie is much appreciated by younger people, as it gives a more casual style while not losing elegance, giving a touch of lightheartedness to the seriousness of the suit.

It adapts to situations a little more formal than a classic tie, although the differences between the two types are minimal, they are clearly noticeable. A slim tie stands out for its liveliness and freshness.

The importance of the fabrictypes of ties

In addition to the size, the tie also differs according to the fabric it is made of, let’s see the main materials:

  • Satin, a fabric that enhances the shine of a tie and is extremely soft
  • Silk, the most used fabric for making ties, comfortable and soft.
  • Wool is slightly coarser than the other two materials listed, it goes very well with suits, and is used a lot especially in winter when temperatures start to get colder.
  • Jersey, a very fresh and comfortable fabric, suitable for all seasons with a preference for the spring and summer season.
  • Polyester, in recent years the production of polyester ties has undergone an increase, thanks to the fact that polyester has a high resistance and a very low price.

A tie is much more than just an accessory, and not all are the same, the important thing is to make the right choice based on the occasion, dress, and season.

A tie allows you to stand out and make a difference, distinguishing your outfit and making it unique.

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