Spring is just round the corner

Although the weather outside is not great at the moment, it is a good idea to still get out and about – walking and being outdoors is not only great for the body but it is also great for the mind. As we enter February, we can start to see signs of the Spring approaching heralding better days to come – so get some comfy outdoor clothes on like this Superdry menswear and head out to see which of these signs of Spring you can spot on your walk…

Bird Activity – Now is the time that birds are starting to realise the worst of the winter is over and it is time to attract a mate ready for the spring chicks! You may notice that birds have become much more vocal as they compete for the attentions of the opposite sex, and they also may be carrying nesting materials to build with.

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Flowers – Look for the first of the spring flowers – the snowdrop. These pretty white flowers are usually the first that you will see bravely peeking above ground in February and have long been regarded as a sign of the oncoming spring. Hot on their heels are daffodils and wood anemones too so look out for these early spring flowers.

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Queen Bumblebees – The queens awake around this time of the year and go off in search of a nest from which to nurture their young throughout the summer months. They have been in hibernation over the winter months and you may see them flying around looking for a place to settle for summer.

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