Blue eyeshadow: how the trendy color is applied

The blue eyeshadow from the world catwalks comes as a suggestion. And a new idea among the new seasonal trends regarding make-up; the focus today on make-up points to this new color for eye make-up: blue in all its shades, and its shades. Blue is an intense color with a thousand shades, which enhances any type of complexion. This year the blue eyeshadow is trendy, the proof is that it has embellished the collections of cosmetic brands. Especially the most famous and creative ones.

The makeup in blue

But how should you wear blue eyeshadow? What are the tricks for creating elegant and magnetic make-up? For a perfect blue eye look that intensifies the look with elegance, it is advisable to make eye makeup before applying the base on the face, so as to be able to eliminate any smudge of the eyeshadow from the skin, without ruining the foundation; It is also essential to use a primer to maintain the color of the eyeshadow throughout the day

Choose the right shadeBlue eyeshadow

The choice of the shade of blue depends on the color of your complexion, the fresher color and suitable for your face must be blended over the entire mobile eyelid, the makeup must then be completed with plenty of mascara to lengthen the eyelashes well, at the end a point of light at the inner corner of the eye with a lighter and more pearly eyeshadow. The blue eyeshadow can be replaced by a soft pencil or eyeliner, even with glitter, you can also use a blue, tone-on-tone mascara instead of the usual black mascara. The lips must be made up with neutral colors in order not to weigh down the face. A transparent gloss or nude lipstick is perfect.

Recognize the best products

The best products for long-lasting make-up are undoubtedly water-resistant ones; moreover, the blue eyeshadow is a melting color, intense if it is not long-lasting during the day it can form unsightly lines, dividing on the eyelid and giving an unmade and neglected look. It is good to choose cosmetic products of proven quality, even if the cost is slightly higher than low-cost brands. If you adopt blue make-up, clothing must be suitable with cold or light tones, no red, burgundy, and brown; combinations must be created with care to avoid too flashy effects.

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