Leather pants: models and tips on how to match them

One of the trends for next season is the return of leather pants, here are which models to choose based on your physicality and how to match them

Beautiful and versatile, easy to transform with different combinations, they are perfect for various occasions; gritty with a punk-rock air, but also elegant and chic if necessary, if worn with a women’s trench coat that allows you to always be fashionable, or sporty if worn with sneakers.

However you want to wear them, what is certain is that they are reconfirmed as one of the best looks for next season.

Although it is one of the most popular women’s trousers models for models and influencers, it can hide some pitfalls. Any type of trousers, even high-waisted jeans may not be suitable for all types of physicality. Needless to deny it, if you don’t have toned, long and tapered legs and maybe you have a few more curves, it can be extremely easy to fall into the trap of leather pants and break into vulgarity.

In order not to give up this trendy look, here is our mini-guide on the models of leather trousers to buy and how to combine them so as not to “overdo” and be beautiful and chic.

The models of leather trousers

For the fall-winter 2021 fashion, we find infinite variations of this item of clothing; one of the most popular models remains the classic leather leggings in typical biker style, but from the catwalks, there are also models with a masculine cut and 70s-inspired bootcut. Not only black but also red, mustard and with a metallic effect, silver and gold.

Of course, you will have to choose the model that best suits your build, it is useless to focus on flared leather trousers if you are small in stature and are not willing to wear shoes with heels or a rather important wedge to slim the figure.

If you are very thin and want to give volume and gain a little roundness, you can opt for a very current model in typical 80s style, with a high and very narrow waist, but soft on the hips and legs.

How to match leather pants

To never be vulgar, the secret lies in the combinations. Play with fabrics and volumes to create looks that are always suitable for every occasion and moment of the day.

For the day you can opt for leather leggings, to be re-proportioned with an XXL sweatshirt, or with an oversized sweater or a  neon or striped print maxi cardigan, in perfect street style; to wear with sneakers or, if you prefer, with a low boot or with a high and comfortable heel.

If you want an elegant look, perfect even in the office, choose a boyfriend-cut model to combine with an ultra-feminine sweater or a high-necked shirt, and to be completed with a nice pair of sexy pumps.

For the evening, perhaps for a gala evening, play with fabrics and combine leather pants with silk or lame blouse, to be completed with a very high stiletto or with jeweled sandals for a touch of super glam light. For a star look, opt for the classic black leather leggings with golden metallic effect mesh, a must on the most important catwalks.

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