What to wear with green jeans to improve dress up style

At first, green jeans may seem difficult to combine with other clothes, but it is not. Taking into account that the color range is very wide and that we should always keep in mind what occasion it is. There are many options that exist. In this article, we explain in detail what to wear with green jeans.

What to wear with green jeans?

Determine what to wear with green jeans and follow the following tips to know how to combine them.

Varied greens

There are some colors that will look good with any shade of green, be it light or dark. The secret to combining the greens will vary between light and dark tones. Dark green jeans will be perfect with a light blouse, and vice versa.

Green with white, black and nude

Combining green with white is a classic that will be perfect for a daytime occasion. If it is a formal event, you can use a more trimmed blouse. Black with green is another set that never fails. You know very well that black combines with everything and gives you a touch of elegance and sobriety. If you want your green jeans to have all the attention, then combine it with a shirt colored nude or beige, will be stylish and sophisticated.

What to wear with green jeans

Green with rose

The greens that are not too light stand out wonderfully with the pink tones (that’s the combination of many flowers). Try to combine your green jeans with a pale pink and you will be splendid.

Green with jean shirt or jacket

It is a combination that does not fail: the jean adapts perfectly to any garment, giving a casual touch. For a very classic look, you can go for a sum of neutrals: dark green jeans, a white shirt, shoes and brown toast portfolio. This combination of green jeans can also be suitable for men.

Olive green

It is also known as military green or olive green. It is a fairly neutral tone that you can combine with several colors that will make it stand out.

Olive green jeans

The olive green looks good with other shades of green like moss green and also with red color accessories that break the monotony of green. With navy blue, it is very elegant as well as black. Discreet and ideal to go out in the morning with a more casual look.

It looks great combining it with strong and bright colors, such as orange, fuchsia and yellow. White, black and brown are also neutral colors that combine with olive green and bring elegance. Some sneakers in white or certain silvery tones will bring originality and above all a lot of shine.

To combine olive green jeans is not complicated, and you should know that it is one of the colors suitable for the whole year that always look good.

Light greens (mint or cake)

The green light is ideal for combining in the months more hot of the year, especially as they are fresh and very natural colors even help you enhance your tan. You can combine mint green jeans with a black shirt and you’ll look great. You can also see very well with a light beige as it gives a very subtle and romantic touch.

Light green jeans

With blue jean gives a very original and youthful appearance for a more casual outfit. You can try the green mint or green pastel with other garments in darker green shades such as a blouse colored green bottle and with prints in earthy tones like brown or yellow ocher.

A top or T-shirt in dusty pink will make you look very flattering, you can also combine this look with shoes of living or sandals in black or nude color. These types of green are fantastic for spring and summer, but if you learn to combine it correctly you can create a great outfit at any time of the year.

Bright greens (forest and emerald)

The green forest is a dark green and matt typical of classic English pubs. It is a beautiful color, which combines beautifully with light colors:

Bright green jeans

Combine your forest green jeans with the gray pigeon to create a contrast full of originality. Dare to wear your dark green with a shirt in pale green (either mint or celery) or light blue and also with stronger and brighter colors like fuchsia. The blouses draped in rich tones are ideal.

Combining forest green with nude can be an excellent option if you want to look stylish and stylish as it is a very flattering combination for formal events. The emerald green, as the name implies, is a gem color. It is bright and intense and has a somewhat bluish tone. To know how to combine jade or emerald green jeans follow the following recommendations:

  • Always look for contrasting colors such as black, is a great option that will give neutrality.
  • Also with the navy blue and is a perfect choice if you want a correct look but not as serious as black.

It looks great combined with a silver shirt or light pink tones to give that little point of originality that will make the emerald green becomes a perfect background for a touch of color.

Bluish green or water green (teal)

The teal is a beautiful color, you see a lot in certain shades of the nail and really very flattering both skins dark and lighter skin. It is the color of the neck of some ducks and even the color of the sea in some paradisiacal beaches. You can follow the following recommendations to get the most out of your clothes:

Bluish green jeans

  • With neutrals such as beige or white, it stands out in a striking way.
  • With very dark gray, almost black, acquires rotundity, elegance and great taste for fashion.
  • A teal jeans with a golden blouse looks beautiful. If you add some ballerinas in the same tone as the top you will create an ideal outfit.
  • You can also combine teal jeans with shirts in white tones, brown boots and brown bag for a day of autumn, you will look great, colorful and elegant and will highlight the color of your skin.
  • The orange is a color that complements very well with the bluish green since they are two intense and very fresh colors.

Lime green (Chartreuse)

The Chartreuse green or lime green is a clear but matte tone close to the pistachio tone but with a lighter shade. Try combining your green Chartreuse jeans in the following way:

Lime green

  • It looks great with shades that give it the luminosity, like lemon yellow.
  • Also favored combines with the orange mandarin, ideal for a summer afternoon.
  • The Chartreuse Green combines very well with very dark blue, with dark gray or gray pewter and even with black, if you want to look great for a night out.
  • Do not forget the intense coral color to give a fresh and fun touch to the combination with your lime jeans.
  • If you want a bit of daring, dare with a red blouse, the contrast in sensational.

Green hunter

Green hunter jeans

The hunter green or khaki color brings that masculine touch that is so flattering for many women and that serves to show a daily look with a point of sophistication ideal for the day to day. Some tips to combine the hunter green color are:

  • If you want a discreet look, earth colors are ideal to combine with this type of hue, such as brown, ocher or dark orange.
  • The black color is a good option for a very simple look because it will make the color not stand out but it is very correct.
  • The ideal shades to highlight the background that provides green hunter jeans are white, nude or light beige. Enhances the skin and makes the jeans look stylish.
  • Orange or mustard color is the most original and risky combination to wear with jeans of this hue, but they are original and very flattering.

Green is a cheerful and tempting color that has many possibilities. Cheer up with one of these combinations of green and enjoy your jeans in any season. Sure, you end up buying another pair and you will be encouraged to try more green garments for different occasions. We remind you that both men and women can combine all these shades of green by varying the jeans model.

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