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The user expressed concern about the authenticity of a Michael Kors handbag they purchased at a discounted price. They want to confirm if the bag is genuine to avoid carrying around a fake in public. This is a common concern due to the prevalence of knockoffs in the market. Luckily, Michael Kors makes it possible to authenticate your purchase if you know where to look – on the inside tag with Michael Kors serial number checker. In this comprehensive guide, I’ll walk you through how to decipher that tag, use online services to validate authenticity, when to enlist the pros, and all my best tips for spotting fakes along the way.

Locating the Michael Kors Serial Number Tag

Before we dig into decoding, let’s talk about simply finding that serial number, shall we? Million-dollar question: Where do you look?

Expect an Inside Job

Unlike some brands that display serial codes on outer logos or labels, Michael Kors tucks this vital info neatly out of sight inside the bag. Discreet. Kind of like a VIP pass to verify legitimacy.

Locating the Michael Kors Serial Number Tag

Check Hot Spots Near Seams & Pockets

More specifically, peek around seams and interior pockets. Run your fingers along the silky linings within these spots to feel for a flat embroidered or printed tag around business card size. Serial numbers frequent these hot zones near points of reinforcement.

Search Carefully – Tags Can Be Elusive

I admit authentication tags seem to have minds of their own sometimes. Just when you think you’ve scoured every inch, a sneaky little code emerges unexpectedly from the shadows. So be meticulous and patient in your quest for the serial goods.

Decoding Your Michael Kors Serial Number

When you ultimately discover that evasive sequence of numbers and letters, congrats! You’ve unlocked the code to confirm whether or not your purse passed QC with flying colors or barely skirted the quality gauntlet with a faulty duplicate.

Lucky for us, Michael Kors tags reveal more than randomly generated strings. Each intelligent digit offers clues into a handbag’s origins if we learn how to crack the code. Let’s break this down CSI style, shall we?

Expect 12 Characters On Authentic Tags

Legit tags flaunt 12 letters and numbers total. Anything longer, shorter or broken into multiple groupings automatically calls for deeper inspection.

Check Positioning – Codes Begin with Letters

Real McCoy tags start off with 1-3 alphabet letters identifying place and sometimes year of production before shifting gears to numerals. Fakes play loose with this strict structure from the get-go.

Location Codes: CN – China CO – Colombia ID – Indonesia MK – Korea PH – Philippines SL – Sri Lanka UA – United States VN – Vietnam

Analyze First Digits – Style Numbers Come Next

The first handful of integers that trail those region indicators represent internal style codes. Every Michael Kors design receives a unique model number matching its silhouette and size parameters even across colors and materials.

Final Few Describe Color & More Details

The remaining numbers notate specific variations like certain colors or fabric treatments for that style. This granular tracking means 9 digits rarely overlap the same bag exactly unless part of a special numbered limited release.

Confirm Authenticity Through Product Research

Once you interpret the region of manufacturing, style name and finer points, fact check what you learned against known examples online.

  • Does the style code jive with the type of bag in hand? Totes, satchels and drawstrings each live within certain numeric ranges regardless of sizes, so inconsistencies prove problematic.
  • Does the color code make sense? If numbers point to navy but you’re holding an ivory purse, something doesn’t add up.
  • Do product photos match materials and dimensions? Pebbled leather shouldn’t claim smooth leather numbers. Plus totes shouldn’t have satchel codes and vice versa.

Suss out discrepancies through simple comparative product research before reaching conclusions. Photos of past season catalogs help since counterfeiters can’t fully replicate new releases right away.

Try Online Authentication Services

Try Online Authentication Services

Don’t feel 100% confident decoding 12 digits of alphabet soup on your own? Or crave that final word from the executive suite? Third party authenticators happily lend their expertise.

1. Entrupy

This serial number checker allows uploading photos of the inside tag via desktop or convenient mobile app for immediate results. Their dedicated team cross references numbers against internal manufacturing data to validate or veto designer goods.

What Users Say:

  • Fast and accurate
  • Helpful accompanying authentication report
  • Expensive full-service inquiries


$5-$15 per item

2. AuthenticateFirst

Similarly, AuthenticateFirst receives images showcasing serial codes then verifies legitimacy through extensive brand connections and industry experience. Their qualified staff knows exactly what cues to analyze across labels, logos, materials and workmanship.

What Users Say:

  • User friendly dashboard
  • Low price point for peace of mind
  • Limited brand selection


$2.99 per item

3. RealAuthentication

This Australia based platform offers world class support through a 14 day money back guarantee should their conclusions come into doubt. A sound assurance when potentially relinquishing counterfeits.

What Users Say:

  • Guaranteed accurate 10 page authentication report
  • Questionable overseas reach
  • Lengthy turnaround times


$10-$50 per item

4. AuthenticID

Domestically, AuthenticID consults multiple in-house experts when examining goods with unique algorithmic processes as backup. This combined human and tech approach focuses specifically on fault finding.

What Users Say:

  • Catch even “super fakes”
  • Aid law enforcement
  • Slow uploads


$10 per item

Enlist Michael Kors Customer Service

Go straight to the source if all else fails. The Michael Kors team gladly inspects purchases bought through authorized retailers when original receipts provided.

Be aware that proving legitimacy without documentation poses challenges. But the customer service department still looks into third party buys on occasions through their own internal records.

  • Live Chat
  • Telephone – 1.800.709.KORS
  • Email – [email protected]
  • Social Media – @MichaelKors

Reach out on your channel of choice for personalized assistance. Just snap clear closeups of the serial tag in question plus overall product photos when doing so.

Authenticating Beyond Serial Numbers

Authenticating Beyond Serial Numbers

Serial codes clearly supply objective evidence toward assessing authenticity, however subjective clues matter too.

Materials – Leather, Hardware & Stitching

  • Touch: Register material quality and density. Lush genuine leathers and suedes should feel plush while staying structured over time. Fakes crease faster.
  • Smell: Breathe in that luxurious leather aroma on high end designer buys. Superior tanning lacks offensive “chemically” smells.
  • Hardware & Stitching: Inspect these spots for precision finishing without loose threads, tarnishing or sharp edges. Metals shouldn’t rub off easily either.

Craftsmanship – Construction & Weight

  • Structure: Proper reinforcement keeps shapes rigid without sagging, bunching or collapsing, especially at the base.
  • Seams & Edging: Clean folds and trimmed corners shouldn’t reveal excess material or glue residue. Marks of rushed assembly scream duplicate.
  • Weight: Trust your instincts shouldering stuffed bags. Supple leathers feel substantial and balance well relative to size. Hollow-feeling materials suggest thin manmade imposters.

Logo Details – Fonts & Finishes

  • Engravings: Focus on clean precise logo cuts not uneven jagged edges or overlaps. That goes for external plates and interior stamping alike.
  • Color Contrasts: Subtly varied hardware tones provide dimension. Noticeable fading overtime still trump new bags looking artificially aged already.
  • Font & Formatting: Avoid misshapen and uneven spacing between letters or symbols. Everything aligns and fits neatly without squeezing or awkward placements.

Patterns Matter Too

Beyond build, double check that plaids, florals and signature prints appear clearly defined not pixelated, blurry or cartoonish. Classics like Mk monograms perfectly proportion and configure right.


Do all Michael Kors bags have serial numbers?

Strictly speaking, Michael Kors doesn’t require serial codes in their product line. But for styles focused on limiting counterfeits, yes, the vast majority now integrate some kind of numbering system. Especially higher value luxury pieces.

What are signs of a fake serial number?

Irregular number of digits – Too few, too many or broken into multiple groupings

Illogical sequence – Style numbers precede region codes

Nonexistent color codes – Numbers representing unmade colorways in that style

Gibberish letters – Unknown location abbreviations

Is Michael Kors made in China fake?

Not necessarily. As production globalized, Michael Kors expanded into multiple overseas regions for cost efficiency including China while upholding standards through strict quality control audits. So “made in China” alone doesn’t indicate inauthenticity without other warning signs.

Where are authentic Michael Kors bags made?

Michael Kors sources from quality controlled factories worldwide. Current locations include: United States, China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Brazil, Italy & Switzerland spanning bags to accessories to apparel.

Does Michael Kors have an official authentication site?

Unfortunately Michael Kors doesn’t designate an independent sister site for authenticating purchases. Some brands create standalone validation portals specifically assisting resellers proving legitimacy. Buyers must go directly through Michael Kors or use third parties instead.

Key Takeaways

If you have verified the Michael Kors serial number checker, components, and craftsmanship of a purse and everything checks out positively, then congratulations! You can flaunt that purse with good conscience. However, if you still have doubts after triple authentication, it’s safer to cut your losses now. 

Here are some signs that indicate it’s time to let go of the purse: if you’re unsure about the secondhand source, if the papers and proof of payment are missing, or if it’s being sold at a crazy discount well below retail. Preserving luxury: Gucci’s repair policy for your timeless investments offers a reassuring sanctuary for those who’ve made questionable purchases, transforming them into valuable life lessons rather than expensive mistakes. Now equipped with a crash course education in Michael Kors decoding, you can confidently navigate the world of luxury, discerning the red flag signals that will guide your future investments.

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