How to Wash 100% Polyester Garments and Fabrics

Shirts, pants, work uniforms … there are many clothes that we can find in our closets with a 100% polyester composition. This material offers resistance to the fabric, as well as it can be combined with other fabrics such as cotton. All clothing items come with a label with the relevant washing symbols, sometimes we may have removed or lost them and we do not know how we should wash these clothes. Here¬†we explain step by step how to wash 100% polyester garments.

How to wash 100% polyester fabrics?

The polyester fibers are a vital part of the fashion world. Microfiber garments and especially high-performance sportswear often contain polyester fibers. Also, the addition of polyester to cotton fabrics revolutionized clothing years ago since we avoided using the iron.

The polyester fibers are durable, resistant, and can be woven or stitch in many weights and textures. Also, it can be washed easily as long as it is done with warm or cold water (never hot), and other steps to follow as explained below.

how to wash 100% polyester

You will need 100% polyester clothing, detergent without bleach, water, washing machine.

The first thing you should do is separate the garments that are 100% polyester and those that are mixed with other materials, such as cotton.

In the same way, when washing these clothes, you must classify them by colors. Basically, between white and dark clothes.

In case your clothes have stains, we recommend that you treat them first with a stain remover or even with dishwashing detergent by hand.

You should wash the polyester garments in warm or even cold water. You can check the symbols on the clothing labels to ensure at what temperature to wash them.

As for the detergent that you will have to used to wash clothes made entirely of polyester, you will need one that does not contain bleach.

Polyester is a quick-drying material. We recommend that you let dry clothes dry in the open air instead of using the dryer.

When ironing your polyester clothes, do it at medium temperature.

Wash polyester garments that are white

As with most fabrics, white polyester garments can turn a yellow color. The white colors of the polyester may also change because of transferring dyes from other fabrics or to the detergent/fabric softener residue that remains in the fibers.

We do not use the key to lightening and bleaching chlorine in the garment. The chlorine bleach damages the polyester by removing the outer layer and exposing the yellow inner core. White clothes will become even more yellow.

Instead, opt for oxygen bleach and warm water. Mix enough oxygen bleach and water following the package instructions to completely immerse the fabrics. Let the dirty clothes soak in the solution for several hours and then wash as usual.

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