What to wear with blue pants?

One of the most transversal colors of your wardrobe that never goes out of style and makes you immediately elegant. The blue is one of the most stylish clothing and not coincidentally Giorgio Armani shades chose him as a fetish color, proposing it in almost all of its collections. However, it can be very versatile and therefore also used for casual looks and at any time of your day. Let’s discover what to wear with blue pants.

What to wear with blue pants?

Blue, the darker and soberer one, fits perfectly with all shades of gray. In the office, you can then wear a pearl gray pencil skirt and a dark blue shirt or choose a broken one with midnight blue pants and an oversize grisaille jacket, for a breathtaking masculine look. At work, a blue top or pullover also works well with brick-colored, mustard or forest green colored trousers.

blue pant with classic

Combination of classic style

If we talk about blue jeans, we shouldn’t have too many problems with the combination. Being a reasonably neutral garment, it lends itself to the most different combinations. The choice of the shoe will depend somewhat on the shirt or shirt that you decide to put together with the jeans. If you choose a sporty style, you will love the low-cut shoes in black or white for a classic look. Pair blue jeans with a relaxed fit personalised Roman numeral hoodie and low cut trainers for the ultimate sports-casual look.

No rule of style forbids to dare with bright colors to revive the look in its entirety. Be careful to match the color of the outerwear with the shoes in this last case. The two tones must be in tune. Even if they look we’ve created with jeans is a little more classic, a lace-up shoe or a colored or black heel will do just fine.

Combination of electric blue

electric blue pant

The electric blue as the name defines it is color-rich in energy, vibrant and brilliant. The combinations with this color may not be secure. It doesn’t clash with black, but the color makes it more justice and enhances its brilliance is white. If the optical white for a shoe seems too demanding and particular, a suggestion could be to opt for duller shades like cream and off-white. For a more chic look, gray could be a viable alternative. Among the various other color options, the most original and of character are red, magenta and pine green.

Combination of oil blue

oil blue pant for men

Petroleum blue is a very particular color nuance. Halfway between a green and a blue with some gray tones. It can be more or less bright depending on the amount of gray contained within it. It is a very sophisticated color and goes perfectly with white, antique pink, gray, and black shoes for a more classic look. If you want to be more daring, try a combination with yellow, purple or mustard color.

Combination of dark blue

dark blue pant for men

Dark blue is a very classic and chic tone. Like the other types, dark blue goes well with white and pastel pink and antique. It also looks great with gray and beige.

Less classic is the idea of ​​combining blue pants with yellow, teal or even more extravagant colors like fuchsia and silver.

It is difficult to lay down rules for the right combinations. There are so many possibilities. The rules that once required not to combine blue and black are now outdated. Everything depends on the type of blue and the occasion. The watchword is to experiment and dare with the combinations within our look.

Combination with bright colors

bright color suit with blue pant

The bright colors stand out more easily with the blue and then play with garments and accessories. Combine it with shocking pink, bright green or lemon yellow. Especially if you want to convey positivity, regardless of the season you are in. If you choose a total blue sheath dress, enrich it with vitamin accessories.

Even the pastel colors look good with blue, especially for important occasions like a wedding or a baptism. Nice dark palace trousers, for example, will make you impeccable if you wear them with a top full of light, aqua green ruffles. The baby pink is ideal for a blouse to wear under a Chanel style suit, while the canary yellow finds its maximum exaltation when paired with cobalt blue. If you think it does not look good with your face, bet on accessories, with different clutch and sandals.

Combination with outfits

A great classic of pairings with blue is undoubtedly white, especially in summer. The marine style is easily obtained by wearing a white t-shirt over a blue cardigan, preferably with a pair of light jeans. A white tank can enliven even a beautiful dark blue pleated skirt top, perhaps with red stripes. For such an outfit, you have two options: play down with a pair of total white sneakers or make it elegant with coral sandals.

Beware instead of black and brown, which do not always go well with blue. As for the first, try never to combine it with shades of blue that are too dark, because it risks becoming too dark. In the case of brown, instead, choose more delicate nuances, such as hazelnut or camel, which can give great little satisfaction.

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