Types of Wallets: Which wallet to buy

A wallet is an indispensable object for both men and women. But while for the former it represents more than anything else a useful accessory because unlike the woman. The man does not go around with the bag and therefore the wallet is essential to carry with self credit cards, money, documents, etc., especially for women beyond the practical function, a wallet is a tool that allows you to express your own style and personality.

If originally the wallets were mainly made of leather or leather and contained only two compartments for coins and banknotes, with the advent of credit cards and new materials this object has evolved, and today designers and companies put in continuation on the market of new models, made in various shapes, materials, colors, sizes, and prices to satisfy everyone’s tastes. Choosing the most suitable wallet for us is quite a difficult undertaking, because it depends on our lifestyle, on the use we want to make of this accessory, on the objects we have to store and, for women, also on the bag in which it is then transported.

Men’s models

Let’s see in detail which are the most popular men’s wallet models:

  • Bi-fold. It is the most popular classic model and is made up of two folding sections. It is available in leather and other fabrics and is very practical because it contains many compartments for cash, coins, and cards and is not bulky. Being very thin and small it is convenient to carry in the pocket of your trousers and jacket.
  • Tri-fold. Similar to the bi-fold, this wallet is made up of three sections of equal size that offer more space to store documents, photos, etc. but they also make the wallet slightly bulkier than the bi-fold.
  • Sport model. Perfect for young people, for those who practice sports, or for those who are always on the move, the sport models are made of nylon or polyester, waterproof and resistant materials, and are equipped with a velcro or zipper closure. They are available in various colors.

Types of Wallets

Dollar walletTypes of Wallets

Very slim and compact this wallet is a great solution for those who want to travel light or have limited space for their wallet. It has various compartments for coins, cards and banknotes; made of leather, it has a fun design, with the image of the dollar embroidered on the outside.

LEAS Men’s Wallet, Genuine Leather

Spacious and well organized, this wallet allows you to carry documents, cards and cards, banknotes and coins with you. With an excellent value for money this product is also extremely durable thanks to the soft and resistant leather with which it is made. Ideal for those who love vintage and classic and elegant wallets.

Bellroy Slim Sleeve WalletTypes of Wallets

With an elegant and simple design this wallet is perfect for those who do not want to give up a touch of class, but at the same time having a practical and manageable product. Very compact, it is ideal for those looking for a small wallet that can contain the bare minimum, such as credit cards, documents and banknotes.

Magico wallet in similar leather – magic wallet Credit Card Holder

This product offers a good compromise between practicality and lightness. Its compact size ensures little space and allows you to carry it comfortably in your pocket; it is ideal for those who have to carry just the essentials with them, such as credit cards or cards and money. It also boasts a particular and trendy design.

EASTPAK – Wallet

This youthful and modern cut wallet is an excellent solution for those looking for a light and practical product, with a resistant material and velcro closure. With its many compartments it holds everything you need, from coins and banknotes to cards and documents. But at the same time it can be comfortably carried in trouser pockets thanks to its small size. It also has a ring to carry keys or to attach it to a chain.

Chianrliu in synthetic leather

It is ideal for those looking for an elegant, simple and very affordable wallet. Very practical and convenient, it allows you to carry cards, banknotes and documents. The synthetic leather fabric is robust and resistant, therefore durable over time.

Multicolored wallet in classic leatherTypes of Wallets

This wallet with a dark exterior and a colorful heart is a youthful and original alternative to the classic men’s wallet. Thanks to the different compartments it can comfortably store various cards and cards, documents, banknotes and coins, but at the same time it remains very compact. The leather is very soft and of good quality, for those who want a product that lasts over time.

LEAS Wallet for Men and Women

Very roomy and well organized, this wallet allows you to carry documents, banknotes, coins and cards; suitable for both men and women, it takes up little space. But it is preferable to carry it in a bag or pouch. Made of genuine leather it is very soft and boasts a beautiful vintage look. A fun detail is the token for the shopping cart contained in the purse!

Rimbaldi wallet

Practical and functional, this wallet is perfect for women who love shopping with its 19 transparent card holders. Convenient for those who have many loyalty cards of shops and supermarkets and credit cards. It is made of ultra-soft, good quality leather and all at a very affordable price.

STILORD Classic noble wallet in genuine leather

Suitable for both men and women, this genuine leather wallet boasts a classic and elegant style, which makes it perfect for any occasion. The small size makes it very compact, but at the same time it is a functional product with numerous compartments for storing cards, money, documents and coins. It offers an excellent quality / price ratio.

FEYNSINN purse and wallet Zille – handcrafted

Perfect for both men and women looking for a compact and space-saving wallet. In a small space it allows you to carry all the essentials with you in your pocket or bag. The dark and soft leather gives the wallet an elegant look, suitable for any occasion.

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