How Many Types of False Eyelashes? Discover Them

To give depth to the look and highlight our eyes we can choose false eyelashes. An increasingly widespread fashion because neither mascara nor eyeliner achieves the effect that a good false eyelash causes on the eye.

They are ideal for large events or moments when you want to show off an intense and striking look. However, not all are the same and depending on the type of eye we have, we must choose one or the other to achieve the most flattering effect. Next, we are going to show you the different types of false eyelashes that exist so that you can choose the one that best suits your gaze.

Types of false eyelashes

If you have decided to put on false eyelashes to enhance your eyes, keep in mind that not all are the same, nor will they sit in the same way. There is a whole world behind that we want to show you so you can see what type of false eyelashes favor you the most. Thus, we can find the following types of false eyelashes :

Types of false eyelashes by quantity

One of the first classifications of eyelash types is by the number of eyelashes added individually, in groups, whole, with glue or with magnets. So we can differentiate between:

  1. Individual tabs.
  2. Hair to hair eyelashes.
  3. Group tabs.
  4. Whole eyelashes.
  5. Magnetic tabs.

Types false eyelashes by effect

In addition to the type of eyelash that we have explained, each of them can have an effect that will enhance the gaze, give volume to the eye or lengthen it. This type of effect is usually achieved by placing the false tab in one way or another and is independent of the type of quantity or type of hook we choose. That is, for example, to a tab from hair to hair we can add a cat effect. We are going to show you the different effects of false eyelashes :

  1. Corner tabs or cat effect.
  2. Fantasy effect eyelashes.
  3. Squirrel or squirrel eyelashes.
  4. Open eye effect tabs.
  5. Doll effect eyelashes.
  6. Eyeliner effect tabs.

Types of false eyelashes

Individual false eyelashes

These lashes come in a box with a kind of a bunch of hair, but we will take them one by one and glue them next to the natural ones. With this type of tab, we must place each hair very carefully.

It is a very detailed job, but it is also something easy to do and the result is very natural. Be careful not to put more in one eye than the other. The good thing about individual false eyelashes is that they are ideal for all types of eyes.

False eyelashes hair by hair

The false eyelashes hair by hair, as the name suggests, will be placed one by one on the natural line of the eye. It is usually done by professionals and perhaps therein lies the difference with the individual ones. The hair is so natural that it almost does not look like you are wearing false eyelashes, it is used to increase the volume of our natural look, but the result is almost imperceptible and few will know that you are wearing eyelash extensions.

The process is arduous, but the result is fantastic because it leaves a beautiful and natural eye. We recommend it for all types of eyes, as long as you want a natural effect with more volume but not with a big difference.

Group tabs

This simple technique will give us a very voluminous look. These tabs will go in a group and we must place them from the outside to the inside of the eyelid. We must take into account how many groups we place in one eye, to do the same in the other and that they are not unequal.

It is recommended for any type of eye, but it is especially recommended for almond-shaped eyes, in addition to those with areas that are sparsely populated with hair.

Whole false eyelashes

The false eyelashes whole or strips are the most common and can buy them anywhere. They are characterized in that they are sold in bands and you simply have to place the entire strip on our natural line, merging them with our tabs. Easy to put on and take off, but more artificial than individual ones.

We recommend this type of false eyelashes for small eyes and if you want to give them volume. That yes, it combines the type of hair, that there are shorter in the inferior zone and they are increasing of the half for outside. For those who have droopy eyes, a trick is to place this type of eyelash at the bottom, the effect is impressive and totally changes the look.

Magnetic False Eyelashes

They are the latest fashion in false eyelashes. This type called magnetic or magnet false eyelashes are highly sought after because it is easy to use and provides much more comfort than the previous ones. Magnetic tabs are placed on top of natural lashes via micro magnets and require two rows of tabs for both bottom and top. They can be reused and to remove them simply stretch with your fingers. They give depth and volume to the look and do not require the use of glue, like the rest. Magnetic false eyelashes are ideal for all types of eyes.

Types of false eyelashes

Corner tabs or cat effect

The lashes with cat effect are among those that help to have a sexier look. They are corner pieces, that is, they will not be placed on the entire eye, but only placed from the middle of the eyelid outwards. With an eyeliner, there will be a wonderful effect because the depth of the gaze will be increased. These false eyelashes are suitable for round, almond-shaped and slanted eyes if you want to lengthen them.

Fantasy effect eyelashes

They are large eyelashes full of color and decorations, from feathers to pearls, diamonds or drawings. We recommend the false eyelashes with fantasy effect for when you want to stand out like anyone else at a party, make a model, dress up for Carnival, Halloween or for a theme party.

Squirrel effect eyelashes

It is played with the length of the eyelashes; smaller on the outside and the long ones rise diagonally. We recommend squirrel or squirrel lashes for droopy eyes and those with dense lashes.

False eyelashes with open eye effect

The open eye effect is achieved by applying this type of false eyelash, which transforms the look giving it more vitality and achieving a broader look result. The hair has an upward curl that gets that wide-open eye feels and looks big and with voluminous lashes. We recommend open eyelashes especially for those who have small eyes and want to increase them.

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