Combine men’s red sneakers

Do you have red shoes and you don’t know how to combine them? the truth is that this color is one of the simplest and at the same time more complex to combine. Being red, the prominence will go to your footwear, so you should keep the rest of the colors of the look a little more neutral.

Sometimes you end up adding too much information and colors that do not match completely and it is a mistake. In order to guide you a bit, we have created some tips that will help you when combining red shoes.

Red shoes with a total black look

Black will always be one of your best friends if what you are looking for is to maintain the prominence of red in your shoes. Starting from black pants and a black shirt or shirt it will always look perfect. Black will balance the intensity of the color red, but it will also make you look a little more elegant.

Red shoes with white tones

Wearing white pants can be difficult, so this time it may not be one of the best alternatives. That is why if you have black pants, wearing a white shirt or t-shirt will work for you. This will add a bit of light to your look, but it will also expand the color palette.

Red sneakers with jeans

Jeans are one of the best options when you don’t really know how to combine a look and in this case, the blue of the cowboy is perfect with the red, especially if it is intense.

You have several alternatives and they range from wearing basic jeans and combining them with shirts or T-shirts like the ones we have mentioned above. But if you want to go a little further, adding a denim jacket will make your look better.

It is very fashionable to combine jeans and if you add a starring touch with red it will look perfect. Everything will manage to look consistent and also with a simple color palette.

Red shoes with a suit colored with navy blue

You might think that by wearing the color red in your shoes it would be impossible to add a little more, but the truth is that no. Still, interesting combinations can be created with navy blue. Make sure it is specifically this tone because the others tend to be very vibrant. Red already has the limelight here, so you need to balance it.

The option you have to combine it is in the pants. You can wear navy blue pants or blue will also look excellent on your shirt. You will decide this, but the truth is that navy blue tailored pants are very beautiful and look perfect with red.

It is inevitable to think that this type of combination between red and navy blue refers to all the nautical style that has become very fashionable. So you could also add horizontal lines to your look. This will allow you to have in addition to a color combination, some texture.

Red sneakers with khaki pants

Did you know that khaki pants can be used for practically any occasion? Well, when combined with red it will also look excellent. Above all, because it will allow you to add a little more color or luminosity on top.

By having this tone that is basic, you can incorporate navy blue in a shirt or T-shirt and also white. You will be able to see yourself balanced and if you want to make it a little more elegant or casual it is a great option. Khaki is a very sober color, but well combined it works excellent.

Red sneakers with a red plaid shirt

Plaid shirts are basic and especially those that have a lumberjack style. These types of shirts are excellent to combine them and more when you have red shoes as a starting point.

Creating a look in which red is repeated is a success if these two colors are separated. That is, it would not look very good to wear red shoes with red pants, so incorporating them into a shirt will look excellent.

These shirts can also be found in combination with black and white with a kind of a blur. In either case, black or denim pants will look perfect and you will be very well dressed.

Red sneakers with gray pants

There are different shades of gray and some are somewhat more flattering than others. In this case, gunmetal gray will look great when worn with red shoes. The combinations that you can also do are various. As gray will give balance to your look, incorporating navy blue will be a complete success.

Combine your red shoes with jogger pants

One of the trends that have been most marked in recent years is always being very comfortable and if this is what you are looking for, joggers are perfect. This type of pants look very good with red shoes that are sporty, so you will have a very well-marked streetwear style.

The colors are practically infinite, from blue to black you can use them. What will matter most is what you wear on top. You can incorporate some color, if you wear a jogger in black, you may take a chance with a pastel pink tone.

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