Oversized sweaters: Tips to enhance the winter must-have garment

Let’s find out how to make the most of oversized sweaters, real aces in the sleeve that allow you to have a trendy and fashionable outfit without sacrificing practicality

Then there are them, the oversized sweaters: the godsend, the perfect garment for when the low temperatures make it difficult even to think about putting your nose out of the house. So here they come, warm, enveloping and, listen, listen, very cool!

It seems almost impossible that such a comfortable garment can also be considered glamorous yet it is so: with skirts, with pants, on dresses. The oversized sweater is always a winner, it keeps you warm and looks like a style choice of sure success.

Making the most of oversized sweaters is therefore a sort of obligation for any fashion addict who wants to indulge in a touch of comfort in a life of very daring choices.

We just can’t give up on this joker and, therefore. Here are the style tips to enhance our beloved oversized sweaters.

Oversized sweaters, fashion tips for impeccable combinations

  • So if an oversized sweater must be (and must be) it should be at its best.
  • Like any garment, we will be able to enhance it through the right combinations and. In the case of the sweater in question, the options available will be truly numerous.
  • So let’s find out some golden rules to make the most of this wardrobe joker.
  • The combination of jeans and oversized sweater – A sort of game of guaranteed success. It is the most classic mix but which can become innovative according to the matching shoe: sneakers for full comfort, decollete if you prefer an extra feminine touch. The combination will also go well for the evening. As long as you combine darker colors and lots of jewels and accessories that give light
  • The combination of oversized skirt and sweater – Definitely a choice in the name of femininity and, why not, also of romanticism. With a fitted skirt, we will undoubtedly focus on seduction and we will be able to dare the midi length, absolutely forbidden instead for more fluffy skirts which must, consequently, be mini or, even better, particularly long. Is it better plain color or patterned? We definitely want to support the first option, which is less confusing and more versatile.
  • The combination of dress and oversized sweater – It may initially seem like a risky choice but if, with the cold that grips you, you just can’t wear that dress you like so much, the oversized sweater could be the salvation. The pullover is a real Passepartout, capable of keeping you warm without sacrificing style. It will look great on both a bodycon and a looser dress and also on all lengths. The only constraint? The play of colors, which must always be very sober: always choose a more imaginative garment or with brighter colors to combine with a decidedly softer one.
  • the oversized sweaters alone – Perfect with a pair of leggings or, for a seductive touch, with cuissard boots. Here it will be important to evaluate the length well: to be on the safe side we advise you to buy a sweater one or two sizes larger. After all, when it comes to an oversized sweater, the wider the better!
  • For work, for school, for a day of shopping, or for a more or less formal dinner. The oversized sweater will always be the right choice. Now we are really sure!

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