Best wedding dress styles for body types

It is time to choose your wedding dress styles for body types and there is so much to choose that you start to despair. You dreamed of a specific model, but it turns out that you have seen another four hundred that you like.

Today there is a huge variety of wedding dresses. I also could not stay with a specific one when I start to see the news. However, there is something you should be very clear about when choosing your wedding dress; your body.

Nobody better than you know your body, what you want and do not want to enhance, etc. Today I will help you find the ideal dress according to your silhouette. Keep reading: How to dress for a wedding in summer?

Wedding dress styles for body types

wedding dress styles for body types

Nowadays it is no longer a problem to have a different body from the vast majority of women. Fashion designers and big brands are aware of the great variety of bodies that women have.

I think it’s really nice to be able to find your wedding dress, be as you are. And, above all, that has the most suitable cut for you. It will highlight your virtues and disguise those areas of your body that you do not like.

Because do you really think that there is a perfect woman? For me, a beautiful woman is the one who smiles from the heart and looks at your soul while speaking to you.

Types of wedding dress for short brides

If your height is not what you like most about your figure, and is always a handicap for you when it comes to buying your clothes, I will help you so that it does not pose any barrier when choosing your wedding dress.

My advice is that you opt for a simple dress, without too many ornaments, brocades or jewels. If you like it to be ornate, do not do it with your dress. Leave the most baroque for your accessories and accessories.

dress for short brides

Simple dress in short bride

As for the cut of your dress, avoid skirts too bulky because they will make you smaller. The type A skirts are perfect in case you do not want to wear a dress with less fabric. You will also look gorgeous if you decide on a dress court empire. Contrary to what you may think, this type of dress favor almost all women.

Empire dress in short bride

Another detail that you must take into account is the neckline; choose a V neckline that is not too pronounced. In general, you can opt for any type of neckline as long as it is not pronounced. What I do not advise is a word of honor, or even a high collar or halter.

Types of wedding dresses for curvy brides

Let’s see now what kind of dresses favors gorditas. The fact that you are a curvy girl does not prevent you from being beautiful on your wedding day. So, do not think about covering yourself up too much because then people will look at you weirdly.

Curvy bride with dress

Curvy bride with dress

For the fabric of your dress, look for fabrics that are not shiny; thus, you will avoid enlarging your figure. Like wearing belts or even a skirt with a bodice; All that makes things worse and it will not make you see how beautiful you are. The lace fabrics or silk are ideal; first of all, look for fabrics that have a lot of fall, that weigh and are, at the same time, fluid.

Choose a shape that does not mark your body too much. The empire cut is ideal ; and something that I also like a lot is a dress that has some folds or draping under the waist. It is beautiful and disguises very well your little tripita.

Curvy bride court empire

As for the neckline, I suggest the neckline in V or U; but the one I advise against is the halter neck. You can also bet on a word of honor, it is beautiful and you will look very pretty. But, yes, cover your shoulders with a little tulle as a capeline; It will be much more elegant.

V neckline for curvy bride

Something that is very beautiful and will make you feel spectacular, is to cover your arms. Put on your dress short coat sleeves; They can be lace or tulle, for example. And, if you like to wear narrow sleeves, the one that will look great on you is the French sleeve. Of course, that also depends on the time of year in which you are going to get married; It is not a matter here of dying of heat.

Types of wedding dresses for very high brides

dresses for very high brides

I am one of those who think that, at the time of dressing, in general, you do not have to disguise your physique. On the contrary, you have to know your body and find the clothes that best suits you to highlight, not disguise, your silhouette. And this same thing happens when you have a stature above the average.

When it comes to choosing your wedding dress, you also have to take into account the details that help you look even prettier. After all, you’re the bride and it’s your day, right? Well you have to be absolutely spectacular.

A dress that I advise you, because I think it will greatly enhance your figure, is that of court empire; If you like this cut, believe me you will be beautiful. You can also choose the siren cut, which is very feminine and sexy. Another option that I find very beautiful is a dress with low waist; If you do not want a very marked siren cut, try this alternative.

Empire cut dress for high bride

dresses for very high brides

And the dresses with volume in the skirt will also favor you a lot. With belt; Try any type of dress that catches your attention with a belt. You will see how it changes and how beautiful you feel.

Tall girlfriend with voluminous dress

Choose halter necklines , strapless, heart or dresses with braces. Nor do you discard wearing French manga; personally, I love that kind of manga. And in a girlfriend it looks beautiful; So, it is a perfect bet if the weather does not accompany you on your wedding day.

Personally, I think that this cut favors the vast majority of bodies. Think that with a lack so wide, your hips will not be the center of attention, for example. Do you already have more clear which is the style of wedding dress that can most favor you? What kind of dress did you choose for your wedding? Tell us about it. You might also read:

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