How to clean a leather jacket

Leather jackets are a very fashionable item of clothing, but when it comes time to clean them, everything can end in real drama. It is best to prevent, and take into account certain care for leather garments.

But many times, out of ignorance, we end up using products that we shouldn’t, and that end up leaving such a valuable garment with a pitiful appearance. For this reason, we want to help you know how to clean your leather jacket so that it does not lose an iota of its beauty and stays looking good for many years.

You will need to:

  • Small vacuum cleaner.
  • Warm water.
  • Mild soap with neutral ph.
  • Clean sponges and clothes.
  • Leather conditioner.

Steps to follow:

Step: 1

To clean your leather jacket well, the best thing to do is to start from the inside of the jacket using a small vacuum cleaner, since this way we will be able to eliminate all the dust and residue that it has.

If your jacket also has a bad smell, mix baking soda with warm water, wet a sponge, and wipe it over the area to be treated. In this article, we explain how to remove the smell of leather if it is an aroma that bothers you and you dislike it.

Remember that afterward, you must remove excess moisture as it is vital to keep your jacket in perfect condition.

Step: 2

Next, add mild soap to warm water and, using a sponge, gently clean the surface of the leather jacket. We emphasize delicacy because it is very important that you do this process without force since leather is a very delicate material.

Now pass another sponge moistened with water to remove the remains of soap, and pass it as many times as necessary.

Step: 3

Next, we must remove the excess moisture that has remained in the jacket. For this, we must use a clean and dry cloth or rag, and pass it through the fabric, gently.

You have to let the jacket dry completely, for that you can let it dry in the shade (never in the sun or heat sources), and use leather conditioner. It is important to use this product because, after the entire cleaning process, the leather dehydrates.

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If you take care of your leather garment constantly, you will keep it in perfect condition. And always remember to read the labels of the garments.

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