Oversized shirts, how to combine it in 5 trendy outfits for the summer

In the summer of 2022, the oversized shirt is back, wide, and with a masculine cut. All the style tips to match it today.

Some items never seem to fade. This is the case of the oversized shirt, characterized by a wide and masculine cut, which in the summer of 2022 returns to all women’s wardrobes. In bright colors,  ranging from pink to grass green, striped or classic optical white shirts: here’s how to combine it with style in seasonal outfits.

5 looks with the oversized shirt

1. On men’s shorts

A wardrobe classic: the white oversized shirt, button-down, or tuxedo model. The piece of summer 2022 to steal from him to vary the traditional holiday outfits: a pair of basketball shorts or wide trendy joggers are enough. Underneath, a bralette or bikini bra, at the feet of sandals with low and comfortable buckles.

2. Colorful, contrasting with the black and white look

The most popular oversized shirt of the moment? Solid color and very colorful. Like the one spotted on the catwalk at the Valentino spring summer 2022 fashion show, promptly replicated by Instagram brands such as The Frankie Shop and low-cost brands. A piece to combine in contrast in the outfit characterized by neutral tones, such as the one made up of the short 90s white tank top and straight black trousers.

3. Like a shirt dress

The It Girls suggest wearing the maxi shirt as a dress. Short and breathable chemistry, ideal to show off on the hottest days. The secret to making it the latest fashion? Focus on a bright nuance like pink and play with trendy accessories: high thong sandals or rope Franciscans, depending on the occasion. And the inevitable seasonal bag on the arm.

4. T-shirt + jeans

Among the outfits with oversized shirts for summer 2022, the combination that sees the classic total white t-shirt and wide-cut cropped jeans as protagonists. A relaxed nineties style looks perfect for those who don’t like to wear shorts in the summer, to be copied every day for those who stay in town.

5. On the mini dress

Take an LBD and revolutionize it, thanks to a loose and oversized shirt to be worn strictly open. The styling makeup of summer 2022 lends itself, particularly to the classic short black dress. The maxi shirt, in this case, comes out of the sowing with models in materials other than cotton, light denim, silk, and linen.

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