Should it be mandatory to wear a jacket on the motorcycle?

The members of the Road Safety Commission of the Congress of Deputies weigh up recommending to the DGT that it be legally required to wear a jacket that protects the trunk, shoulders, and arms.

“The helmet has fallen short; I’ve come to see guys in flip flops by the M-30 ” (one, f the ring roads around the city of Madrid), says Teófilo de Luis, president of the Road Safety Commission of the Congress of Deputies. The helmet is so basic, so essential to riding a motorcycle, that nobody doubts its use. Hence, that, among other issues, there is insurance for these pieces. Keep reading: The best and worst dresses of the week

However, seeing the direction taken by the political negotiations, it seems that the times in which it was enough with their protection to comply come to an end. This would mean that the Directorate General of Traffic (DGT)could get to demand certain clothes as mandatory. Accessories that, until now, are voluntary, more or less recommended according to the use you give to the motorcycle.

The importance of wear a jacket for bikers

One of the garments that is most advisable to use when riding a motorcycle, and that the Road Safety Commission has put in the spotlight, is the jacket. Why? Well, because the statistics are devastating: an approved motorcycle jacket protects 92% of the wounds, which include burns -also severe ones-, broken bones or even injuries to the shoulder or spinal cord.

Even wearing a normal jacket – although it will depend on the fabric used in its preparation – can be useful if it is a slight fall, since it can be effective against 69% of the most common injuries that can occur in a motorcycle accident, according to the Mutual Motera Association.

The risk of going without a jacket, more usual in summer

The objective of the proposal that is on the table, according to the experts in the matter and the politicians involved, is to try to alleviate the worrying lack of awareness of some riders on well-equipped circuits. This lack of accessories is particularly intense in the summer season. Flip-flops, swimsuit, sportswear, T-shirt … Very common clothes, especially among young people and those who drive motorcycles with smaller displacements or on mopeds. Obviously, it is not the safest apparel in case of accident. In fact, going in flip flops can be fine .

The keys of the mandatory jacket

Although there are pending fringes, in the Road Safety Commission are clear that the jacket, like the helmet, would have the appropriate homologation. The garment in question should protect trunk, shoulders, elbows and the rest of the arms with suitable materials.

The obvious advantages of the homologated jacket and legally enforceable when riding a motorcycle refer to the increase in safety for motorcyclists and also to the increase in the quality of it, since not all clothing is valid to protect it properly.

The differences between displacements

At first glance, the mandatory jacket would not bring more than advantages, which it obviously has. However, there are some issues to be resolved. For example, to specify in which ways it would be obligatory (in all, on motorways or highways, on interurban roads, etc.) or for which motorcycles that garment would be required. Obviously, the potential danger of a high displacement motorcycle is not the same as that of a moped. Most likely, the requirement of the mandatory jacket was staggered, depending on the cubic centimeters, as has been done in other countries.

And in summer?

The other pending issue is the possible damage or disorder that could cause the mandatory jacket when driving the motorcycle on the hottest days. So perhaps the use of this garment could be limited to certain routes, motorcycles or seasons of the year. What does seem a mere matter of time – following in the wake of other countries around it – is that the jacket ends up being mandatory to ride a motorcycle.

If you are someone who already wear a jacket for the motorcycle or has a special type of helmet, you have motorcycle insurance that covers your equipment. You may also like:

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