Why an Oscar-winning film became all about the knitwear

In the age of Hollywood glamour and Marvel franchises, it’s amazing to find that small and independent films are still racking up Oscars and other big-hitting awards, especially for the most surprising of production values… such as knitwear! The Banshees of Inisherin became a huge talking point at this year’s Oscars, not just for its script, plotline and superb acting, but also for the fantastic knitwear that brought the production to life.

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The famous film

The knitwear in the film won fans in its own right and critical claim, and the success was all down to a County Wicklow woman, Delia Barry, who is 83 years old. Barry’s jumpers have been featured in fashion magazines that include Vogue and she has been knitting for decades.

The film is set on the Irish coastline in the 1920s and tells the stories of a friendship fallout between two men after one ends their relationship after years. To create authentic knitwear that reflected the period, Mrs Barry carefully researched photos from the period to get a sense of the stitches, yarns and colours used at the time.

Although she has been knitting for around 70 years, Mrs Barry only moved into creating costumes for films after her husband died. She joined a knitting group to gain support and friendship and has become a specialist in designs that were once very popular in Ireland around a century ago.

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Global acclaim

Her work has become so popular that it has become featured in some of the world’s leading fashion magazines, although she refuses to be affected by the newfound interest. And the bit she found hardest about creating costumes for the Oscar-winning film? Having to age the knitwear to make it look truly authentic, such as by making holes under the arms.

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