Looking after your Mens Aran Sweaters

When it comes to looking after your Mens Aran Sweaters there are a number of things that you need to think about. The last thing that you want is to look for Shamrock Gift Mens Aran Sweaters, buy a wonderful selection and then neglect to wash them correctly. Here are some handy hints and tips for looking after your aran sweaters in the right way.

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In order to prevent your sweater from shrinking or from having gaping holes in it, it is important that you wash it correctly. Essentially the things that damage an aran sweater are having the washing temperature too high, adding too much washing powder and the wool being rubbed up against too many other garments in the machine or being spun for too long. Hand washing is always the best option for this type of top.

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You should use lukewarm water and a special hand wash only washing liquid or powder. There are a number of different brands available and you will find one that you like the smell and feel of. Washing powders really are a very personal choice. You should massage the sweater gently in the washing powder and if necessary gently rinse. Often wool hand washing powder and liquid does not need to be rinsed as this helps to prevent the fibres being agitated too much. You should then lay your sweater out flat to dry without wringing it out as this will cause the top to  become mis-shapen and it can damage teh woolen fibres.

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