5 ideas (in trend) to wear flare pants successfully

You are not lagging behind in the flared pants trend, just because you don’t know how to combine them. Take advantage of these best-dressed tips to show them off as 10.

The return of flare pants is consolidated again this coming spring and, without a doubt, they have become essential among the best dressed and celebrities. This style, which was born in the early 60s but had its peak of popularity during the 70s, may not come to dethrone skinny jeans, but it is certainly making us put them on a fairly long break (which is appreciated).

Its comfort and self-confidence when using them are one of its main characteristics, but it is never too much to make clear what mistakes to avoid when wearing flare pants, taking into account that their popularity will continue to increase and we would never think of leaving you unassisted. tricks to wear them non-stop. Celine, Brandon Maxwell, and also the British Victoria Beckham have shown us some of the styles to surprise with this type of cowboy, but we will give you more ideas to enjoy them, without any mistake, in your day today.

Make them stand out

The washed jeans, also in trend right now, are ideal to combine with darker or brightly colored tops to make them stand out much more. As well as with more minimalist jerséys, shirts or crop tops that leave all the prominence to the jeans. Another very successful garment to wear with these pants is the white or black tank tops (in a very off-dutty model look), which are flattering to balance the somewhat daring appearance of the jean silhouette. Wear the shirt alone or with a shacket over it for that extra chic layer.

Find the right shoes

Shoes in the closet we have more than we can store, probably (guilty!), But it is also true that not all go with all the jeans, pants and skirts that we also have, so the task is to find those harmonious combinations. Ankle boots, mules and mary jane (in cropped flares), platform sandals (like Margot Robbie’s), and certain sneakers go perfectly with these jeans; unlike certain shoes with which flared jeans don’t look good.

flare pants + blazer

The tailoring trend is still very strong, and nothing adds more instant sophistication to jeans, including flared ones than a modern blazer. A successful look for those colder days when you cannot leave out that high neck that will finish off your winter outfit. The same thing happens with this garment as with the shirt, they are essential to combine in more than one outfit and that will allow you to get dressed quickly without spending more minutes than you would like in front of the closet.

Its most chic version

Penelope Cruz’s balance wobbled, but her smile (and the helping hand) made her stand very well, as did this look she wore to Cannes with flared jeans and a short Chanel jacket, perfectly matching the bag of the same signature. If the trend of high-rise pants has left us something good, in addition to flattening the belly, it is to stylize our figure and make us even look a little taller. If you add to this the use of an upper garment that enhances these characteristics, leaving the entire cut of the jean in view, you will have a look of 10 guaranteed. Look to combine your flared jeans, which give a more carefree feel, with clothes and accessories that elevate them and give them that more elegant touch.

A matter of proportion

If you are petite, it may be that, at first glance, flare pants seem intimidating, that you feel that you will lose yourself inside them, but quite the opposite. If you get the model with the right length for you (you can always adjust the hem or simply fold it), you just have to make sure to combine them with shoes that give you a certain height to wear them flush with the boot of the pants. Another idea will be, in addition to using them with a high waist (we already know how much it benefits us), is to bet on models, like this one in the image, that have open sides at the end of the jeans, this will also give you a feeling of a longer leg and it will make you look much more than footwear that you are dying to show off.

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